The Return of the Red Velvet Cake…and Spring…maybe.

Oh hey there world…

I know I forgot to say somethin last week. I have no excuse…

It was kinda one of those days where you kinda just say “NAHHHH”

I think we all are entitled to have a day where we just say “NAAHHH” and start over another day.

Speaking of Starting Over, SPRING.  WHERE THE HECK ARE YA???!!!

Saturday, it was in the 70’s down here and it felt WONDERFUL.

Then what happened?? Sunday Night: 30’s… PLEASE COME BACK!!!


That’s my new saying for the year….kinda like w/ FOMO!!

FOMO= Fear Of Missing Out

Anyways, Red Velvet…

Red Velvet

As seen above,  that is from my Cake Decorating Class…not the best design I’ve done.

Dont Judge…I’m workin on it.

I’ve found reason to bake little 6 inch cakes SOLELY to practice my decorating skillz…Crazy.

Shoot. I might even do that on my Spring Break. Which apparently is next week.

Had I’d known, I may have done something for it…CANCUN!!!!

Prolly not, If I went down there for Spring Break, I’d be viewed as a Senior Citizen.

Although that wouldn’t be too bad cuz I’d get decent discounts on stuff.

But alas, I will not be doing any traveling. I shall be working

I’ve got cookies to ship and a Wedding Cake to make on the last day of the holiday.

So I’m gonna need another break from “Spring Break”

Hopefully I wont go stir bat crazy though…that would suck.

Anyways, if there was a “TIP” I would give y’all for the Red Velvet Cake seen below

I was trying to be cute and make it look fancy or from Wal-Mart, whichever….

Red Velvet

It is this: Depending on your recipe, if the cake dont have butter in it.

  • Start by Whipping the Sugar and Eggs together til they get nice and pale and fluffy….then your oil
  • Finally alternate the Dry Ingredients (Flour, Baking Soda) w/ Liquid (Buttermilk)
  • If you try to add all the flour at once to your wet, you run the risk of the batter being tough, I found to be at least. Because you need something liquid to help mix it.
  • Also the less Cocoa Powder, the more RED your RED VELVET will be…

Welp, that’s all I got for now.

I would try to post something about piping. But I’m NOWHERE near that stage yet.

Maybe by the end of the semester.

Anyways, if any of y’all find Spring, tell them that they suck and need to get to work.

Winter’s too drunk w/power.





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One thought on “The Return of the Red Velvet Cake…and Spring…maybe.

  1. sophiebowns says:

    So pretty!

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