The Wedding….That pretty much sums it up.

So, March 16th was the Big Day…

No, I didn’t get married. But I did do my first wedding cake!


That’s the bottom tier, it was a two-tiered cake…

Crazy aint it? Not to get all sentimental, BUT….

If you told me around this time 5 years ago that I would change career paths, pick up baking and go to school and do a wedding cake…

I prolly would’ve said in the words of Jay-Z , “WE DONT BELIVE YOU! YOU NEED MORE PEOPLES!!”

But alas, it has happened, I’ve done my first wedding cake…and I’ve got more coming up.

But first, let’s reminisce about it, shall we?

Where was it? San Antonio. Three Hours trek to do a wedding?

Meh, I’ve done worse, if y’all follow this at all, (NOT JUDGING IF YA DONT) I trekked 12 hours to do a groomscake and the rehearsal dinner dessert.

But it did suck being stuck in traffique (traffic) and missing seeing the bride & groom get married on the River Walk.

Fun Fact: It was my first time in the city of San Antonio…but I didnt get to go on the famed River Walk 😦

Oh well, maybe next wedding….

So what kinda cake was it?


Lemon Cake with a Lemon Curd filling and Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.

The blue around it was Marshmallow Fondant that I made from scratch…

HOLLA BACK!!! *mic drop

I seriously wanna do a “mic drop” one day…

Anyway, I have an opportunity that I’m working on now…what is it?

Cant say just yet…mainly cuz I have no idea how it’ll play out. But (fingers crossed) it could be a cool opportunity…my gut feels like it could be.

I gotta say, as much as fun as doing the Wedding was, turning around and going to class 10 hours later, not so much…


But seriously, thank y’all for the support…

Even though I have no idea who or where y’all are at and viewing this.

But knowing there’s actually  folks out there viewing this and read me blab and post pics of desserts makes it worth while.

Also, y’all make me wanna do my best and present only the best.

And everybody give a resounding “AHHH”



So, that’s all I got for today…will I tell y’all what the “Opportunity” is?

Maybe…when I get it all worked out.

You like what y’all see? Comment/Subscribe and/or Like this bad boy…

Till next time… *mic drop

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4 thoughts on “The Wedding….That pretty much sums it up.

  1. Shecoul says:

    Do you have any pictures of the rest of the cake? It looks delicious!

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