Return Of The Carrot Cake…and some more thoughts…I’m not Creative Today

So world…

It’s “Spring”…I’ve always what EXACTLY is “Spring”…all I know is 2 types of weather:

There’s the “GOOD LORD It’s Freaking Hot” and “Wow, its Cold out”

How appropriate w/Easter coming up soon that I do a post about Carrot Cake…

Carrot Cake

I just noticed that as I’m typing this, NO i did not plan this at all…

Btw, I’ve always wonder: How do they plan when Easter is on the Calendar..

If you try to explain it to me, try and explain it like you talking to a 5 year old…

Certain things are WAAY over my head.

Anywho, yesterday, I did what I like to call “Hide From The World”

What exactly is that?

Basically I dont make plans to leave the house…its wonderful, y’all should try it sometime.

NOT ALL THE WAY hide from the world though. Though naptime, I turn my phone on silent.

Nothing worse than being awaken from a somewhat nice slumber to somebody calling about a gym membership.

FYI, whoever gave my number out for that, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!

So, Why do I decide to “Hide From The World?” on occasion?

Basically it’s a good way to rest. We all need to rest every now and then.

I got school, work and weddings on the horizon that if there’s a weekend or a day where I don’t have to do anything…. I say LOOK AT GOD! and take full advantage of it.

Some people wanna be all “OMG I GOTZ TO GET OUT THA HOUSE!!!”

and to that I say “You could, but WHY?”

Not being “Lazy” but somedays you just need to have a day for yo’self…

Cuz if you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of anybody else?

Damn, that was deep. I should write that down…oh wait.

Anywho that’s my 2 cents on the matter.

Btw, notice the “carrots” on the cake? AINT THEY TOTES ADORBS!

Carrot Cake

Btw, speaking of obnoxious language, I just figured out there’s a song out called #SELFIE….

yet we killed “The Macarena”…just saying.

Anyway, before I go off on a random tangent (like I aint done that enough)

Feel free to comment/subscribe/and or like this page.

ONLY if you like what you see…I dont wanna peer pressure you into something…

Til next time, I REALLY want Peaches to come back into season.


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7 thoughts on “Return Of The Carrot Cake…and some more thoughts…I’m not Creative Today

  1. amyh44 says:

    Like food? I’ve been cooking my way around the world.
    195 countries in 365 days!!
    Check it out and follow!

  2. Lisa says:

    Beautiful cake – great design with the carrots!

  3. I’m very familiar with the “2 seasons” 🙂 Sometimes a nice classic carrot cake is all you need!

  4. mittsknits says:

    Mmm mmm mmm. Now where did I put my screen cleaner because I drooled on my computer!

  5. komarovstyle says:

    yummy cake…..i love this

  6. farih5675 says:

    Once again your hilarity knows no bounds. Who knew that a misspelled, grammar troubled blog such as this one could be so funny? Understand that that was a compliment.
    Albeit an ass backwards one. BTW I am a huge fan.!!!

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