An Empress Torte and I know “YOU STILL POST???!”

(*Looks at the ground while shuffling feet)

Hey Guys….so whats happening?

Oh you know, when work+ school happens, it gets a bit cray cray….

My bad for not posting nothing for 2 weeks, this day n age, folks attention spans aint what it used to be.

Now I sound Old…

Anyways, so it’s nearing the end of the semester for me…and who’s ready for a Vacay??


A few weeks away and then…SUMMER SCHOOL!!! (whoopie)

Fortunately, I’m only taking 1 class this summer and its 7 hours long each week.

Culinary school makes you jaded by what makes most folks spazz about.

“What’s that?? Recipe calls for 3 pounds of Butter? Okay…”

I will say, something that I’ve learned in school that’s prolly the most valuable:

How to deal with people’s personalities and conflicts….

We are around each other for 6+ hours and sometimes drama happens.

And it don’t matter if you in a Culinary program at the local community college or the C.I.A.

That’s Culinary Institute of America, not that government agency thingy….

Sometimes you’ll have good weeks, and there are weeks where you literally are doing everything solo.

Cuz you group sent a memo that you missed out on that said “HEY Y’ALL, LETS NOT SHOW UP THIS WEEK”…

But how you handle that challenge will more or less in a cliche way will test your character.


anywho, that was mah thought for the week. On to the Empress Torte:

Empress Torte

What the heck is it?

Welp, its a Torte that has an Almond Genoise Cake, Lemon Curd Filling, Raspberry Moussiline on the outside, With Strawberry Gelee on top whilst it sits on a Dacquoise.

What’s that? In ENGLISH?? (Btw, remember #SPEAKAMERICAN from the SuperBowl? Hilariously Dumb, am I right??)

  • Almond Genoise Cake= Almond Paste+ Eggs whipped for 20 minutes,w/Cake Flour folded in
  • Lemon Curd= Citrus Custard
  • Raspberry Moussiline= A Mousse with Gelatin added  in it to give it shape.
  • Gelee= A fruit puree with Gelatin added to it.
  • Dacquoise=  Meringue with Almond in it and baked. It’s on the bottom to hold it all together.

And that’s tempered White Chocolate on Top

Empress Torte

Basically, it aint a Cheap Dessert. It’s something a fancy country club would serve or some fancy frou frou place.

Yeah I used “Frou Frou” in a sentence #dontjudgeme.

Welp, that’s all I got for now…

I promise to try n do better. And not go weeks w/o posting something.

Oh btw, the Torte tasted pretty good…

Til next time, WILL SOMEBODY FIND SPRING???!!!



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9 thoughts on “An Empress Torte and I know “YOU STILL POST???!”

  1. Heidie Makes says:

    Looks good 😀

  2. This looks really delicious! Do you have a recipe?

  3. April Murray says:

    Very beautiful and delicious looking! I will have to try

  4. “WINTER’S STILL DRUNK WITH POWER!” Blogging quote of the week right there hahaha Do you think that dark chocolate could be used instead of white chocolate, or do you think the flavors would clash?

    • jaybaythahut says:

      Hmm…it would prolly work cuz of the raspberry mousseline cream and the almond genoise cake, not sure w/the lemon curd. maybe if it was swapped w/orange curd instead.

  5. farih5675 says:

    You are hilarious and i love your #don’t judge me. The dessert looks like a piece of art, beautiful and complicated. You are so funny

  6. farih5675 says:

    Oh and btw how do you temper white chocolate. just a question from an amateur foodie.

    • jaybaythahut says:

      Its quite easy, you just need lots of patience. Melt the chocolate, and then cool it to about 85-88 F will need a digital thermometer….#SCIENCE!!!

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