The Napoleon….That Dessert everybody does on Chopped

So world,

I’ve been a busy boy….in a good way.

School is nearin the end for the semester…SCHOOLS OUT!!…except I got summer school.


No I didnt fail…I just chose to try and finish up skool faster…

But I got some news. I got a new job and its in Culinary!!

That’s right, yours truly is a Kitchen Assistant at Sur La Table.

What does that mean???

In a nutshell, I’m a TA in a College Professor’s class.

Survived mah first day Tuesday, so HUZZAH!! and HUZZAH! to future more!!!

So back to skool…who’s ready for a vacay? THIS GUY!!!

This semester has been a lesson in learning that “PATIENCE IS KEY” and “COMMUNICATE!!!”

Basically a lot of unnecessary chaos/drama in 6hrs will make you wanna take a drink after while.

My drink of choice? LEMONADE!

So help me, if you ruin a pitcher of lemonade. I will not forgive you for it….

Anyways, Napoleon. (There goes my usual short-attention span, self)


It’s the dessert of choice on CHOPPED. Or PAN PERDU (French Toast)


Cuz it’s easy to assemble and you can pick and choose what you want to go in it.

Also only having 30 minutes in a dessert round is straight up nuts.

It’s in that realm of “LASAGNA” where you can layer it w/Puff Pastry and Cream.

What exactly is “PUFF PASTRY”?

Basically A lot of Flour and Water and BUTTER! SOO MUCH BUTTER!!!

You fold cold butter into flour and run in it through a sheeter machine cuz otherwise, it’ll take FOOORREEEEVVERRRRR to do it by hand.

And when you put the Puff Pastry in the oven to bake. The BUTTER! has water and the water will turn to steam and cause the layers to rise or “Puff” up and become flaky layers.

Flaky is a weird word….

There ya have it…. SCIENCE!!!!

The Magic School Bus taught me everything I know about Science…#dontjudge


In said “NAPOLEON” there’s Kiwi, Strawberry and a Raspberry on top…

Totes Adorbs right???

Anyways, it’s all layered with Pastry Cream. Which is basically: MILK, Heavy Cream, Egg Yolks, Sugar and Corn Starch.


You think it was named after that guy cuz it’s real short?? Who knows.

Anyways, its all I got for nows.

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Til next time….

I’ve ran outta clever sayings….OH WELLS


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4 thoughts on “The Napoleon….That Dessert everybody does on Chopped

  1. alifemoment says:

    It looks really really yummy 🙂

  2. The Napoleon! They do that on Chopped all the time! That and bread pudding. 🙂

  3. Mmmm looks delicious. There can never be too much butter! lol

  4. farih5675 says:

    It looks like layer of yummy buttery goodness. But I thought that this particular dessert was more of a layered cake concoction. Am i wrong?

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