Oh Hey There!!

Welcome! (Or Velcome! if you cant pronounced “W”s)

This is my photosite, 1st one ever!!

And you just happen to stumble upon a food site (or blog if you gon’ be technical).

To that I say Welcome, hopefully I can enlighten your world with whatever I either bake or ramble about. (I’ve been told I’m funny, not sure to believe it, BUT I’ll go with it I guess)

Now I’ve been messing around with photography for a while now. A long while to be exact.

I even got some photo credit in a college newspaper. But lately I’ve slowly become the dreaded “F” word. A “FOODIE”. So now it’s up and turned itself into a food blog. Dangit.  Guess it happens to the best of us. 😉

Thats what happens when you cook too much and wanna take pics of your food before you end up devouring it.

Oh Well.

So you’re probably asking, first of all “Are you a classically trained Pastry Chef?!”

The answer “Nope”. Although Im in the process of goin to school (or skool whichevs) for Baking.

So next is “Is your name for real ‘Ole-Bill’?”

No. It’s Jason. But “Ole-Bill” is a nickname of mine. Keyword being “A”, I’ve got plenty of nicknames believe it or not.

I grew up and currently live in the deep southern part of the country that is called “Texas”. I’m a southern at heart, but I went to school in the midwest.

So I guess that I’m a proud southern Jayhawk Alum.

Then you probably ask next, “What makes your food site different than other food blogs huh?” Welp, my response is “I’m a guy?”  More like “I’m a guy. And I like to bake.” Let that simmer for a sec. Ha! Cooking joke.


I’d like to think of myself as a guy who can watch a football game or whatever’s on ESPN (usually) and at the same time enjoy a throwback episode of Julia Childs on the Cooking Channel or Food Network. Don’t Judge. That woman knew stuff.

Basically you wanna be my friend & strike up a convo( thats conversation in abbreviation) w/ moi here’s two things you need to know (ladies, pay attention): I like to talk food &  sports.

Thats pretty much what I photograph anywayz. So use what you know. Right?

I guess now that it’s a food blog, I guess I oughta keep making food right?

So here’s where I’m letting y’all (yeah I said y’all. I’m from Texas remember.) see my “talent” I guess. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave questions,comments and or concerns.

Mostly I wanna hear concerns more than anything.

19 thoughts on “About

  1. My mother was not so good at cooking. I was taught by my father. When my son went to culinary school he was so surprised at the amount of knowledge I had about cooking. He just thought of it as I cook really good food. When he was growing up I would have him in kitchen helping so grew his interest to go to culinary school. So goes the way it worked in my family Father teaches daughter, daughter teaches son! Son goes to school and finds out mother had the knowledge the whole time!

  2. The Hook says:

    Very cool site, my friend!

  3. carolinajade says:

    Here’s a concern: your pics of the food are so well done that I get slightly depressed that I can’t have the real thing! Amazing blog with amazing recipes!

  4. Alyssa says:

    Love your blog, would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog:littlegirlbigeyes.com? Let me know – my email is alyssa@littlegirlbigeyes.com!

  5. Conor Bofin says:

    Howdy Bill. Great stuff indeed. My daughter got me over here from her Decidedly Delicious blog. We are co-operating bloggers or is that competing bloggers. Keep up the great work.

  6. Bill,
    I struggle with baking cookies, but your site makes me hopeful that I might one day be able to be creative with something other than words.
    I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award: http://wp.me/pxjrA-y5

  7. tanzilaanis says:

    refreshing! and i am making the doughnut holes today! 🙂

  8. fightagainsthemuffin says:

    haha awesome blog! Kept me laughing (in a good, would LOL in public and have people awkwardly stare kind of way!)

  9. Good food and humor is a great combination. Love your blog, Bill!

  10. 6dawn9 says:

    I just started to really get into this blogging thing recently and found yours and I so enjoy them! I not only get to learn something I didnt know about baking but I get to laugh while learning and THAT IS AWESOME! LOVE A MAN WHO CAN BAKE! AND IS FUNNY! Keep up the good work, lol!

  11. Great blog, dude. I like the style/ diction; it’s what separates it from the rest. I’ll keep trying to make treats like this, but alas I think I’d probably trip and fall on it if I pulled it off.

  12. derrickli718 says:

    Stumbled across your site and it looks pretty awesome. Keep on baking!

  13. Prateeksha says:

    Unique creations with lively introductions !! That’s what I liked the most about your blog Wanna try all recipes right now,……but cannot do this so will try them one by one……thanks for sharing great ideas….TC

  14. iamjjstone says:

    Glad I found your blog! My son just started culinary school this week! I will love hearing about your adventures!

  15. mariesundin says:


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  16. Hello, I’ve nominated you for the Liebsters award, since I enjoy reading it so very much.
    You can check it out at http://itshardii.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/leibster-award-1/

  17. Hope this finds you well, as you can tell I’m new to blogging but have been following and taking notes for awhile. My blog focuses on eating well, but on a budget and I present unique recipes I’ve come up with over the past few years in school and my young professional life. I’d love the opportunity to guest blog on your site, I am not short of ideas. Looking forward to the opportunity to speak to you more.

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