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The SnickerDoodle Cake. Yeah I said Cake.

Last weekend, I was at a Hoedown. First time I’ve ever been to one. Good times. But I wasnt there just for the good times. As those annoying people who compete on those reality game shows say “I’m not here to make friends!!!” Which btw, why do they say that? Is that supposed to scare folks or something???

Anyways, they had a cake baking contest. Your’s truly HAD to compete. I mean come on. It’s a given right? I figured I’d be the only guy competing in this thing, cuz apparently “Men Don’t Bake”. Whoever said that, I’d slap you with buttercream frosting.

So after a few days of deep searching for ideas, I came across it : The Snicker-Doodle Cake.


I wanted to think outside the box, be original in a sea of Red Velvet and Hummingbirds (which btw the one who won best looking looked REAL GOOD). It  came out how I wanted to after a late night of baking and early morning frosting. Yeah that’s right I got up at 7 in the morning, on a SATURDAY, to frost a cake. That’s how much I was in this sucker to win!!

But I didn’t win. A carrot cake won.

Oh well. I got a lot of positive feedback on the cake. And I’d like to think I won most original cake,right? Also I’d like to think I came in a close 2nd maybe? But none-the-less I got show off my baking skillz and had a good time hearing people talk about it. This may sound weird, but when you have finished a cake, it’s kinda like your kid. Despite whatever flaws that are hidden underneath, you want it to be loved by everybody.  Crazy huh?? But here goes my baby, right here: (Oh one more thing, if you like what you see/read, subscribe to this thing. I keeps it fresh. That was lame. I apologize.)


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Honey Dew Sorbet. Wait What?

So I’ve been on a bit of a “Hiatus” if you will. My trusty camera was broke. This made me sad. But now that it’s fixed. It’s all good now. So lately I’ve been obsessed with the dessert Sorbet. What is it exactly? Basically a fruit ice cream minus the eggs, cream and milk.

It’s a real easy thing to make too. One night at this restaurant, I tried Grapefruit Sorbet. It was GOOD. Didnt think that was possible. But Hey. Never know right? So of course the so-called “King of DIY” that I am, you know I had to try to make some. DIY sounds a little too close to DUI. It’s more a challenge saying then typing.

Anyways, I thought to try it with the Honey Dew melon. Something unusual. That  and I had bought one with making a fruit salad with it, but kinda forgot about it.  I don’t own an ice cream maker, so I had to make it the old-school way: Manually. It’s not hard, just a bit time consuming. Churning every 30 minutes is tough to remember. But no doubt it came out looking pretty and it even tasted like Honey Dew. SUCCESS!!! A bit sweet, but then again I think that’s Honey Dew for ya. So without further a dew (cheesy pun!! and I think that’s how you spell it.) Here’s the Honey Dew Sorbet




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Carrot Cake and Pineapple Trifle aka fixed disaster

This is a lesson about life giving you lemons. Last week was mi padre’s b-day, and of course I was expected to make the b-day cake.  I decided on the classic carrot cake. I figured, no big. I done made the cake with the same recipe for damn near 2 years, got it.  However. (Note: I do take responsibility for my actions, but I also like to point it had been a looong time since I baked a cake) I somehow caused the cake to overflow all over the oven thus causing a lovely smoke fest in the kitchen. How embarrassing right?

But yes, even the allegedly talent cake maker like yours truly has a Snafu. (A nice way of saying screw up or the one w/the F word in it. Keep it PG folks). And it happened twice. (GASP!!! WHATS HAPPENED!!!) Now I had two sets of undersunk carrot cake, ready to be thrown away. Then my aunt threw the idea of taking it and putting it in a bowl and just serving it. I thought, NO. I wanted this sucker to look classy. Then I thought of the ” Trifle”. Basically the dessert version of lasagna. (Btw, why is there a “G” in there if you dont pronounce it?) And so I went with it cuz I had all that cream cheese frosting sitting in the fridge. I thought that it needed something to it. And then it hit me: Pineapple. I bought an whole Pineapple (note: PLEASE buy a whole pineapple, dont cop out and buy the chunks of it. It’s more fun to chop it up. Just saying.) early and chopped it up and threw it in that sucker. And Pops and the rest of the fam. loved it.

So in the sense, when life gives you lemons,you make the best damn lemonade possible.  Sorry for the long-wind story, but I figured I’d share that even ya boy has a SNAFU every now and then. But enjoy the photos my mishap.

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Peach Lemonade. Heaven in a glass.

It’s (officially?) summertime. It only means two things: School’s out and it’s HOT as the dickens outside. (Side note: Anybody say dickens anymore??) Anyways, growing up and living Texas, theses were the fun times where you kept your butt indoors to not catch heat stroke. But maybe this is just one southern here speaking,but living in the south during the summertime: you gotta have Lemonade. GOTS TO!

There is sweet tea, but I’ve never liked tea though. Shocking I know. A southerner not like sweet tea.  But lemonade is one of those drinks that is necessary. Whether you laying out by the pool or indoors w/the AC on blast while the weather is 100+.  But having also growing up in Georgia. You gotta love peaches. I learned the hard way that peaches only are good during the summer. But I decided to make this attempt of Peach Lemonade after I saw it on a menu at a restaurant called “Bubby’s”.  And yes, this another one of my “Summertime Projects” I should consider putting a book together.Cuz I got sooo many things to make.

I have no idea if I replicated their recipe, but I put my twist to it.  But after the first sip, RIDONKULOUS! Even one of my friends “MED SCHOOL” (A nickname because he’s currently in Med School. Clever right?) Agreed. Now I gotta have this in my fridge esp when we’re heading thru the worst part of the summertime. It’s even better after a long day at the office. Well, for me it is anyways. But I’ll stop blabbing and show y’all. Enjoy til next time.



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The Summer of Whoopie (Pies) continues…Vanilla w/ Root Beer

So whoopie pies have become my new obsession. I think they should be the new cupcake and get their own show on Food Network where folks compete against each other and make obscure things with Whoopie Pies. Not saying but just saying. Pardon my rant, I’ve managed to do two 5k’s this week and I’m TIRED. I did managed to break my record but my goal is to crack 25 minutes.

Anyways, back to the food. Last post I said I was gonna do a “Project” of desserts. Where throughout the summer, I’m making different desserts that are (sorta) a fit for the summertime.  From Whoopie pies to Scones to…whatever else I can think of. First up: Vanilla Bean Whoopie Pies w/ Root Beer Filling. I kinda wanted to do a take on the Root Beer Float.

Outcome: Pretty Good. Though w/ Root Beer, I would add a couple tablespoons of it. Dont add too much other wise, it’ll end up lookin soupy. But Enjoy. Marvel(?) at them. I’ll try to keep y’all posted more often with what i’m fixin to make next, so subscribe if you like. But enjoy the pics.


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Flourless Chocolate Cake. Hold Up, What??

Last week, I made a cake for a girl I used to work with. However, it had to be flourless (GASP!) because she’s on a glute-free diet. For a while I had no idea that was even possible. Shows what I know. But then again I recall I had done this before, a few months ago I made a triple-mousse cake.(I just figured how to do the link thingy. Im so proud!!) And the dark-chocolate part had no flour in it. So this wasnt too hard to pull off.  You just need a lot of eggs.  I got the recipe from the book “BAKED”. It’s become one of my favorite books to read.

Note: Separating the eggs, VERY importante. The egg whites once whipped into foamy peaks is what gives the cake it’s shape. Otherwise, it’s a droopy mess that will seep out of the Springform pan.

Oh and Happy June 1st everybody! No idea what that means on the calendar. But I decided this summer, I got a list of stuff I’m gonna attempt to bake and as well as beverages this summer. Gotta have somethin to wash down all these desserts with. Stay tuned y’all!

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I’m sure these were supposed to be red velvet whoopie pies

Lately I’ve been on a baking tear. Well, I dropped some dough(HA! Baking pun) on some dessert cookbooks. Well not a WHOLE LOT of  money.But you get the point. Anyways, I’ve made whoopie pies a while back and wanted to do make more. They were supposed to be Red Velvet, but I got bored/”artsy” and made them green and the frosting yellow. They looked like Green Tortilla chips with a big helping of nacho cheese.

Anyways I decided to bake that same recipe, but make it, wait for it: Blue. (Let that simmer for a sec, wow another cooking pun). Apparently Blue Velvet is a hot new trend and I thought I be hip and try it out. They look pretty, to me anyways. Anyways, y’all should give it a try (Don’t judge).

Sidenote: I’ve been Stumbled-Upon-ed!! Apparently this blog was on the site “Stumble-Upon” yesterday for my Oatmeal Cream Pies and got a lot of traffic. Like over 800 hits in a day. Crazy. My highest was about 97 prior to yesterday. Now I gotta figure out who the culprit is and shake their hand. Also I gotta figure how I’m gonna top over 800 hits in a day. Maybe over 9,000??!!!!!!

Who knows. But enjoy folks.

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Oatmeal Cream Pies= Happyness all around

Not too long ago, I decided to break out of the cake realm for a little while. I wanted to try somethin new. That and didnt wanna feel guilty eating an entire thing of cake w/o feeling fat-er than I already am. Anyways, I also thought to myself  “Self, why do I keep buying these Little Debbie snacks,when you can make them yourself?”

Now this aint a ploy to stop giving Little Debbie my hard-earned money. She’ll always have my heart and at times my cash. I wanted to try my hand at pastries and what’s the first thing I try? Well outside of scones. Oatmeal Cream Pies. It’s one of my faves as a kid and I gave it a shot. Note: For the “Cream” part. Butter aint really hold up like Crisco shortening does. Anyways, I think I’ll keep making theses. I need some more dessert ideas. Any of y’all got any suggestions???

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When life gives you lemons (or limes…)part dos

You make Mousse. That’s right, mousse. I’ve had this desire(?)/notion to make more Mousse after I had made the triple mousse for the V-Day dinner. After that I felt like I should make more Mousse. I even like sayin the word “Mousse”. Anyways. along w/ making Clementine scones, I decided to make a Lemon-Lime infused “you know the word”. Kinda like a “Sprite Mousse”. I looked, apparently nobody has done this before. Could I have discovered a new dessert????!!! Prob not. Not sure if it’s a sure fire thing, trying to balance the tart-ness of lemon and lime w/ sweetness of the whipped cream. Listen to me talk like one of those hipster-foodie folks. But it’s delish though.

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When life gives you lemons (or in this case clementines)pt.1

You make scones. Well, probably not. I’ve obtained a bag full of clementines (those are tiny oranges fyi) and I had a few days where I wasnt working (HUZZAH!!) and so I do what I’ve grown to like . Bake.(Its not at the loving stage,yet) Crazy. Anyways, I made scones awhile back for some friends for a “LAN” party. Basically playing computer games until 9 in the morning. Around 1 in the morning, I made cinnamon scones. And since then Scones have been my latest obsession/fad. Im sounding like a baking hipster right now. Anywhos I used the Clementines I got and incorp’d them into scones.  I looked at some scone recipes and took a bit of here and there and voila. Note: I went nuts and baked a whole bunch of stuff, so they’ll be more to come laterz.

  • 2 Cups Flour
  • 1/4 C Sugar
  • 4 tsp Baking Powder
  • pinch of salt
  • Zest and Juice of 4-6 clementines
  • 5 tbs of butter (ice-cold)
  • 1/4 cup of orange juice
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbs of milk
  • Bake for 10-12 @ 400 degrees.

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