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…..oh hey there. Didn’t see y’all there.

So hopefully y’all prepping yourself for Thanksgiving.

(Sidenote: HOLY CRAP! We almost through November!!!


Me? I’m prepping for a FRIENDSgiving. And this is my dress rehearsal.

Im making an Apple Cheesecake, CornBread Stuffing and Sweet Potatoes Puree w/ Pecans…

I take rehearsal very seriously.

But that we shall discuss next week (I promise, I swear!)

But currently, I have a dilemma. And maybe you

(YEAH YOU! Sitting there reading this could answer. Listen up)

My 10 year High School Reunion is coming up…YIKES!

However, I dont know if I should go…its the weekend of Thanksgiving…

Not sure who’s genius idea it was to have it that particular weekend.

But I have debated about it for the last few months.

On one hand I’m like, “Hell Naw! I aint going!”

On the other half, Im like, “Its tradition and you never know…FOMO!!!”

That’s “Fear Of Missing Out” for those who don’t know…

What y’all opinion?

Really, I’d like to know…

(That’s where y’all comment….)

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. BRIOCHE


Sexy, aint it??

What makes Brioche so special?


Here’s a secret: We used about 30 eggs in our batch…sexy.

AND BUTTAH! About 2 and 1/2 pounds of it…

But we made  about 12 loaves. So it aint ALL BAD

But rolling out the dough, you can feel the butter seeping through….

(Another Sidebar the word “Seepage”. Real Awkward)

But it looked so good…


Word of advice. When you let bread “Proof” LET IT PROOF!!

Take 30-40 minutes to let it do its thing.

NOT every 5 minutes. Cuz then you doing the most and it wont do squat.

People do it at school, its annoying.

Then you sit there like “WHY AINT IT RISING??!”

End Rant.

Anywho, that’s all I got for now.

Next week, Thanksgiving.

It’s one of my all time favs….yeah I said it.

But Comment and/or Subscribe.. I do read what y’all say.

Til next week…I got nothing.


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Decorative Bread…Looks Pretty. Dont know if I’d eat it though….

Well, here we are world.

It’s November. Hopefully y’all remember what yesterday was…V prolly did.

Well now that the elections is behind us. There 2 things we can agree on


2. Thanksgiving is upon us and we need to prepare!

Yeah I said it. THANKSGIVING! Sorry, Not Sorry X-Mas Lovers.

Y’all just gonna have to wait.

That Turkey not gonna cook itself…wait. Nevermind.

Anywhos. Why do I love Thanksgiving more than Christmas?

Well, cuz I actually do most of the cooking. ITS MY TIME TO SHINE YALL!!!

Also, its a chance to sit down with folks and enjoy each others company over a meal…

Plus there’s football on TV all day. If that’s not a beautiful thing, I dont know what is…

Well, we’ll get to that next time. I PROMISE IT WILL HAPPEN.

In the meantime, My Bread’s and Rolls class has been interesting.

I didnt think I’d be good at it.

Who knew there was so much Math and SCIENCE!! behind it all…

Also mostly cuz of using yeast. But I’ve somewhat master it!!!


But last week, we made Decorative Bread. Basically, it’s Bread “DOUGH” that you can

mold into shapes and pieces that are more for show.

Folks did variations of baskets. I was hungry and wanted Pizza. And so….

Decorative Bread

I made a decorative bread piece into a pizza.

I may or may not have a Pizza addiction…#firstworldproblems

I would highly suggest not eating it. Not saying I HAVE..really I havent. Honestly.

The reason why I say that is, it felt ridonkulosly tough even in the dough form.

When you overwork dough= glutens are formed. And making it REAL tough to chew.

There’s your #funfact for the day…#youwelcome.

Some of my classmates had some good ideas.

One had An “Easter” themed one where she had made a basket with “chicks” in them.


Others….not so much. No shade. But I dont know what was going on in their minds….

Decorative Bread


FYI if y’all wanna know a tip with the colors on the bread.

Paint AFTER it has baked.

You could before, but you run the risk of it turning a gray-ish color.

I forget “Gray” can be spelled like “Grey”

In real life, I wouldnt have Bell Pepper on my pizza. But Thats just me.

I’m kinda a plain pepperoni and cheese guy to be honest.

I’ve come to realize: I dont venture out much when it comes to food.

And I’m a pastry chef…#dontjudgeme

Don’t know if it was a contest. Prolly wouldnt have won.

But I’d like to think I did well enough, people like the idea…

Welp, that’s all I got for now…

Follow along, I swear I do try and update this sucker when I can…

Til then “CHEESE CLOTH” is an awkward word.

Along with “Seepage” ….

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Lost at (Chocolate) Sea Cake…or BP Oil Spill Cake #SHOTSFIRED #JKJK!!

Well world,

A post within 2 weeks?? PROGRESS!!!

Like I’ve said a bajillion times. I’ve been SOOOO busy being a workaholic.

Hopefully y’all had a good Labor Day. I spent 3/4 of the weekend Working.

31 hours in 3 days….YAH!!

Actually Friday, I somehow managed to work both jobs AND go to skool in the morning…

That was nothing but a miracle from The Big Guy Upstairs…

But this week, should be decent. Work wise.

Labor Day I discovered something: NETFLIX.

So this may or may not be my last post for a very long time…jk.

I did that all summer. HELLO!!!

Anyways, there’s a show I discovered from my co-workers called “The Mind of A Chef”

Holy Crap

Found me a new addiction. I now see where “Bing Watching” comes from.

Anywho’s I survived the first week of Skool. During the fall, you’ll see a lot of pics of bread.


Cuz that’s the lab class I’m taking for the semester. So HELLO CARBS!!!

And Im chuckin the deuces to my current waistline. Kidding. Not Kidding.

So before I start posting a bunch of pics of Bread. I wanted to do a Throwback if you will.

I know it aint Thursday, but Whatevs. This is the Chocolate Sea Cake  I did over the summer.


It’s made up of entirely chocolate. Dark and White Chocolate. It was beach themed.

Or as some of my housemates and I dubbed it the “BP Oil Spill Cake” #SHOTSFIRED!

I liked this cake we did, mainly cuz it wasnt covered in Fondant. I’m not real fan of it.

Although, it just reminded me I got a cake in the fridge I need to work on soon…yikes.

We shall see what idea I come up for that one. Although I’d prolly wont want to eat it.

Alot of sweat, tears and Chocolate went into that cake.

You have no idea how many stains of Chocolate I got on myself…The Struggle.

Welp. That’s all I got for now.

Feel free to subscribe, I do update this sucker, fairly often.

Til then, don’t wear white and work with Chocolate.


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Hey Gang!

Sorry for the no post for the last 50-11days. I cant keep track, anyways.

I have been a ridonkulousy busy boy for the last few months..and I will explain why.

No, not in like those soap opera shows where it’s vague and dragged out for 2 weeks.

But here in a nutshell is what: I was in Summer School and I work 2 Jobs.

No. That aint a typo. I currently have 2 jobs…

Both take up a lot of mah time when I work doubles (aka Both)

So finding time to write to y’all has been a struggle.


I’ve come to terms with something: I’m a workaholic.

There have been weeks where I’ve worked around 40-50 hrs.

Which to some seems like WHHAAAAAAA???

And I would look forward to working that much…is that weird???

Part of me was like “BRING IT!! I CAN DO THIS!!!”

Then there was the rest that was like “THE HELL WRONG WITH YOU???!!!”

But I think I’m in work detox as I’ve had the last few days off.

Which Lord knows when the last time that was, I think the 4th of July week.

Seems like a distant memory.

But I wanted to update y’all w/a cake. (I KNOW FINALLY!!)

Explosion Cake

This cake right above you is my Cake Decorating Final.

We had to do an “Explosion” Cake w/a Theme.

As for me, I chose Football as my theme. Its coming…and THIS GUY IS READY!!!!

It’s not my best execution of the cake. But I think the creativity was there.

If y’all saw how I was w/Fondant back in June. I think this shows improvement.

I was very new to Fondant. I’m still “Team Buttercream”, but Fondant aint so bad.

Hopefully I don’t have to make too many fondant cakes.

But it’ll happen I’m sure of it. But at least I can make my own Fondant.

Explosion Cake

BTW, these pics were taken by my former rommate’s wife Hailey. #SHOUTOUT

The Orange and Brown colors were down for all those newly acquired Cleveland Browns fans.

I’m kinda over a lot of things. The Manziel talk is one of them.

Also this whole dumping water on yourself to avoid donating money for charity…

I hope nobody nominates me cuz then I’ll have to donate money (OH NO!!!)

Btw, what happens after 24 hrs if you get nominated?

Do you get egged? Tar’d and Feathered? Somebody hits your knee w/a bat?

Just curious…

Anyways, that’s all I got.

No promises, but I think in September, things will be a lot less cray cray.

And you’ll hear from me more often.

That’s for the few that actually read this thing. And the rest of y’all that sees the pics.

Anyways, til next time….



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My attempt at an “EASTER CAKE” y’all!!!

Hey y’all!

Hopefully y’all had a good Easter weekend. And hopefully its warm where y’all are.

And Winter is not still drunk with power.

So as the title says, I made a “EASTER CAKE” y’all!!!

Easter Cake

It was mostly to practice my frosting and my piping skillz…

Those are important in mah field. That’s Cake Decorating btw…

There’s never NOT a reason to make a cake and decorate it….I think

It was basically a Strawberry Cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream. NOTHING CRAZY THIS TIME!!!

But it was good to practice frosting a cake.

I’ve found from being in Pastry Arts is that we get kinda jaded by what we do.

To people outside the Pastry world look at stuff we do and are like:


And we’re kinda like “Meh, it’s okay…”

My friends were like “DANG! That’s looks sooo good!”

And I was like “Eh, I coulda done better”

Easter Cake

But there are times where you have to take a step back and be like “Yo! I did that…”

I guess in a nutshell(ha! food…), its balancing accomplishment and humility.

Dang that sounded deep, no??

Welp, that’s my “Ole-bill’s Words of Wisdom” I should write that down…

Oh Wait.

Anyways, I have decided to try cycling recently. Porque?

I figure every so often to pick up something or “go thru a phase” and try something new.

Last year it was running… a lot. This year its cycling.

Will I try and do a triathlon? HA! No…well. Maybe. Cant exactly rule that out.

We shall see how THAT goes. Hopefully I dont crash on the first day and get a “BOO BOO”

I just wanted to say “BOO BOO” for no reason.

Anyways, thats all I got for this week.

Til next time y’all…




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Made Croissants from scratch…The Struggle is REAL!!!!

As this week’s title eludes to… I made croissants from scratch.

It was NOT easy!!! Basically, its a lot of HURRY UP and then wait..


These aint your mom’s Pillsbury Doughboy Croissants!!


They were made w/ love and a hell of a lot of arm strength….

Basically take a “human baby” of dough 7lbs 8 oz and start from there…

fyi, I was a fat baby,well I weight more than that “human baby” of dough….anyway

then beat the crap outta 3lbs of cold butter then roll onto 2 9×13 pan.

Then roll out the the dough then place one of the butter sheets on there and roll it thru “Big Bertha”….

She a beast….I call her Karma…no I really don’t. She’s just a machine

But if you aint nice to her, she aint nice back.

Anyways… if you were to do this task of rolling manually…

Be prepared to spend….meh 3-4 days of rolling and freezing dough.

My chef teacher said she’d charge 3 bucks a pop for fresh handmade croissants…

After making all of them on Friday, I dont blame her…


Next time y’all get a croissant, know the labor that went into them!!!!

Fun Fact: That Friday night, whilst getting gas, a homeless dude said he was hungry.

I thought I’d give him some of my croissants I made. Turns out he was allergic to gluten….

All I could say was “COME ON!!!!”, not out loud of course, it was already awkward as it was…

Previously I tried to give a homeless guy cookies, but he was a diabetic…I got such good luck huh?


Anyways, that’s all I got for this week.

If y’all like what y’all see…Comment/Subscribe and/or Like this page.

Next week’s Valentine’s Day is coming soon…and you know what that means?

I got a hot date!…with a tub of ice cream and cookie dough #dontjudgeme

I’m bout that life!! Single life that is…..


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Caramel Cake…well MY version of it anyways…



Anyways, the semester has barely begun and I’m already excited to start (can’t y’all tell :p)

I’ve already broke my baking sabbatical to make a Caramel Cake….never actually made one…

til now!!

Caramel Cake


Not really sure , why I sound so hype right now…maybe cuz I’m hungry.

Or as I like to call it “HOOPY” That’s Hungry+ Loopy…

I can also be “Hangry” thats Hungry+Angry…

But I’m more likely “Hoopy” then “Hangry” in most situations.

So this was the first time I made caramel on my own and my chef teacher would prolly be SO proud of me!!!

Caramel is kinda a “scary” thing to attempt, cuz you can burn it and mess up pots and what not.

Caramel = Burnt sugar basically.

Some tips I can give y’all so you wont be “paranoid”

  • To prevent “crystallization” or whatever that word means: I’d put a bowl on top of the pot, that way the steam hits all the sugar, try that once the water starts boiling for about 30 seconds.
  • Once your “mixture” thingy starts to turn amber, thats when I take it off the heat and add the Heavy Cream. Then Vanilla and Salt.
  • Add room temperature Heavy Cream, not cold…that will help it from becoming “possessed” and splatter all over and possibly hit you w/hot caramel. That stuff HURTS!

Let it cool down and then it’ll thicken up to a caramel sauce, then you can do whatever you like…

Put it on Ice Cream, Apples, in Frosting

Caramel Cake

As seen here…

With the semester starting this week, I’ll have a lot more pics to post on here.

So don’t you worry, DONT YOU WORRY CHILLD.

I’m just chalked full of references…aint I ?

Til next week, wow, we almost thru January…where does the time GO???!

Seriously, where does it go when its over???

I should stop before I get all “Philosophical”..try spelling that w/o Microsoft Word


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After 2 tries, I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON!!!! A Cake Contest

For those reading that title like Whaa?

I entered my single’s annual “Hoedown” Cake Contest…

“Hoedown”= Country Western Dance

And much to my shock, I won… I WON I WON I WON I WON!!!!

BOW DOWN BAKERS!!!  kidding….

So what cake did I make this year that won?

This one…

Chocolate-Strawberry Marble

Chocolate-Strawberry Marble…

I literally was shocked I won, I didnt expect to win the overall Best Tasting Cake.

I was more going for looks, but we all know how far THAT goes…am I right?

I’ve entered the contest twice before, the first time: Snickerdoodle Cake

Second time: The Oreo Cookie cake.

I apparently beat out a 2-time Champ…#HOLYCRAP

And it was allegedly historic in that No Male had ever won the Hoedown Cake Contest…until now! HELLO

So it’s kinda cool that I was the first male to win it…


Chocolate Strawberry Marble

Fun Fact: Strawberries really dont like to stay on top of frosting for too long…

But they do taste good in Frosting though…

Frosting that cake wasnt as “tough” as I thought…

Culinary Skool has toughened me to be heartless…

Not really.

But real talk, it was cool to win, I never really won anything, individually.

I’m usually that guy who gets a ribbon for participating.

And yes, I had a HUGE grin on my face holding the trophy, and couldnt stop laughing…I aint expect that big of a win…

Oh and I got a Chick-Fil-A card…Winning.

That’s all I wanted to share w/y’all right before Thanksgiving.

Hopefully y’all find somethin I’ve made and use it…

I’ll be too busy cooking like a crazy person to entertain y’all, but I leave you with this

Chocolate Strawberry Marble

And also that I have a homework assignment of making a Pie for the Holidays…

Such a tough task I have, OMG I’M SOOO STRESSED!!!!

Pfff..I’ll be sipping Egg Nog and watching that sucker cook.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all….remember the Turkey…



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A VERY “FANCY” TART….yeah I said “Fancy”…

Hello world,

Hopefully this 10/10 day is workin out 4 y’all… Its sad there’s no more of those same number dates any more.

My favorite was 9/9/09…no idea why? I also appreciated 05/05/05 too..

Anywhos We not too long ago made a Hazelnut Tart w/ Apricot Gele with Marscapone Mousee w/ Chocolate Shavings…

As seen heeyahhh( here)

Marscapone Tart

The Apricot “Gele” is a fancy word for Jello…its basically got Gelatin in it which is the thing that makes Jello.

And the Marscapone Mousse contains Marscapone cheese.

For those that are like WHAAA???!!!!

Marscapone Cheese is an Italian Cream Cheese, its a tad bit sweeter than Regular Cream Cheese….its also more on the expensive side as well.

Both The “Gele” and Mousse have something in common, Gelatin.

And how do you use the Gelatin…simple really.

First get a thing of ICE COLD WATER… by that I mean, Water+ Ice+ Container.

Mainly if you’re using Gelatin Sheets… place them in that said thing of Ice Cold Water…

  • Then let it sit in water for about 5 minutes.
  • Then take them out, they’ll feel all puffy and weird and stuff.
  • Ring out the excess water
  • Then put in whatever warm mixture you making til its dissolved.

From there once your mixture has cool you’ll notice it get all solid and stuff….

And you get this

Marscapone Tarte

The Chocolate Shavings= Melt Some Chocolate + Spread on Metal Sheet+ Place in Fridge for a Minute+ Use a Scraper.

Of course the 1st one may not be so hot, but you’ll get it down.

So that’s all I got for now, just remember this: Life is Like Making Pound Cake.

It takes a lot of patience, one egg at a time. And there’s no need to rush through it!!

Cuz once its taken its time, it comes out wonderfully.

That’s my Philosophical moment for the week…

Til next time y’all.

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Carrot (Cake) Muffins…I’m seriously on Muffin Tear rightaboutnow….

What up world, its tha last day of February…dang.

Do anythin memorable in theses 28 days???

You do a “Harlem Shake” parody? Watch Beyonce’s Half-Time Show a dozen times?

Well 28 days later, we are slowly but surely headin towards spring…and that means here in the south, straight to summer.


Anyways, I ran in a 10k race… and did not get trampled!! HOORAY!!!

It’s scary than y’all think esp w/over 6,500 peoples in it.

Esp. that first mile and a half, had to do a bit of matrix/parkouring on the sidewalks cuz it was SOOOO crowded.

But it was all good in the end, cuz it thinned out, but I also got a bunch of free food.

And free products….my inner klepto was quite thrilled.

Ole-Bill’s no thief, but you offer a bunch of free stuff, I’m 9/10 times gonna take it!

Anyways, I present y’all this weeks post: Carrot Cake Muffins.

Carrot Cake Muffins

Pretty no?

Well this came about a few years ago at a restaurant my pops and I went to for brunch.

They had a bunch of muffins and one of them was a Carrot Cake Muffin

Also a friend of mine apparently havin eye-issues and what better way to eat carrots than in muffins right?

Its things like that where I get inspiration from, no not from somebody’s pain…but just random things like that.

Although a lot of artist do use “Pain” a lot as their “inspiration”.


So how exactly you pull this off?

Simple, all you need is the following:

  •  1 1/2 C Flour
  • 1 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/4 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ginger
  • 3/4 C Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 C Reg Sugar
  • 2 Eggs ( I FORGOT THE EGGS!!!)
  • 2/3 C Veg. Oil (or Canola, whichevs)
  • 1 Carrot, sliced n diced.
  • 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

Bake at 350 for about 35 minutes or until a fork comes out cleanly.


  • Add everything but save the carrots til the end.
  • It’s gonna look like it’s in desperate need of some more liquid, thats where the carrots come in. Carrots got liquid like Zuccini and will be enough liquid by the end.


There goes my french for the week.

Hopefully y’all give this a try, i.e. make ’em on the weekend and have for the week.

But make sure you put ’em in a closed container,otherwise they dry out and turn into a weapon when thrown.

If y’all like what y’all see?  Comment, Subscribe/Like…I do update this sucker fairly often.

With that said, I leave you with another muffin

Carrot Cake Muffins

Note I didnt make ANY “Muffin Man” references, as bad as I wanted to…

Hold up I did mention it though…Crap.

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