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Lost at (Chocolate) Sea Cake…or BP Oil Spill Cake #SHOTSFIRED #JKJK!!

Well world,

A post within 2 weeks?? PROGRESS!!!

Like I’ve said a bajillion times. I’ve been SOOOO busy being a workaholic.

Hopefully y’all had a good Labor Day. I spent 3/4 of the weekend Working.

31 hours in 3 days….YAH!!

Actually Friday, I somehow managed to work both jobs AND go to skool in the morning…

That was nothing but a miracle from The Big Guy Upstairs…

But this week, should be decent. Work wise.

Labor Day I discovered something: NETFLIX.

So this may or may not be my last post for a very long time…jk.

I did that all summer. HELLO!!!

Anyways, there’s a show I discovered from my co-workers called “The Mind of A Chef”

Holy Crap

Found me a new addiction. I now see where “Bing Watching” comes from.

Anywho’s I survived the first week of Skool. During the fall, you’ll see a lot of pics of bread.


Cuz that’s the lab class I’m taking for the semester. So HELLO CARBS!!!

And Im chuckin the deuces to my current waistline. Kidding. Not Kidding.

So before I start posting a bunch of pics of Bread. I wanted to do a Throwback if you will.

I know it aint Thursday, but Whatevs. This is the Chocolate Sea Cake  I did over the summer.


It’s made up of entirely chocolate. Dark and White Chocolate. It was beach themed.

Or as some of my housemates and I dubbed it the “BP Oil Spill Cake” #SHOTSFIRED!

I liked this cake we did, mainly cuz it wasnt covered in Fondant. I’m not real fan of it.

Although, it just reminded me I got a cake in the fridge I need to work on soon…yikes.

We shall see what idea I come up for that one. Although I’d prolly wont want to eat it.

Alot of sweat, tears and Chocolate went into that cake.

You have no idea how many stains of Chocolate I got on myself…The Struggle.

Welp. That’s all I got for now.

Feel free to subscribe, I do update this sucker, fairly often.

Til then, don’t wear white and work with Chocolate.


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Brownie Cheesecake for all my V-Day peoples…Single or Taken.

So world, it’s V-Day…

Or for those who dont care, it’s Thursday.

But for those like Moi who are Single since the beginning of time, I offer this:

You don’t need a “Lover” on Valentines Day, You just need “Love”.

Top THAT Hallmark!!!

Well today is a big day for yours truly.

No I dont have a date. Like I said, I’ve been single since the beginning of time.

I am cookin for a singles dinner tonight. I’m in charge of making Pasta.

Shrimp & Chicken Alfredo Pasta.

For 40-50 people.

Am I nervous? Nope

Am I scared? YEUP

Never cooked for THAT many people and I’m terrified…I’m just terrified on the inside.

BUT I’m also in charge of makin dessert and I’m makin Cheesecake


Brownie Cheesecake

Yeah thats right, That’s what I’m serving tonight.

I had some left over Brownies from a couple weeks ago I kept fresh and I thought “What to do?”

And I thought why not incorporate into a cheesecake?? HOORAY!!!

So thus is why I made this….


Brownie Cheesecake


For those wonder what the heck is that up top???

It’s Chocolate Ganache…

Ganache= Chocolate Chips+ Warm Cream.

I used Dark Chocolate w/a bit of Milk Chocolate to Sweeten it up a bit.

So it’s basically Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate.

Fun huh?

Well world I would stay in chat longer, but I gotta start prepping 4 tonight’s dinner..

Wish me luck!!

Also that I don’t go nuts by the end of the day too….

Oh and I dont cause food poisoning too…That would SUCK!


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1st post of 2012: Peppermint Bark

Happy New Years everybody. Hope y’all had a good time, partyin like craazy. Or watching people partyin like craazy.
Well with it being the new year comes those resolutions we hold on to for about 2 weeks and forget about and say “Next Year, definitely”. What are y’alls?

Me? I wanna keep up with the site. Keep building up my “fan base”. I don’t what I should call y’all? Gaga got her “Little Monsters”, Rhianna got her “Navy”, Nicki Minaj got her “Barbies & Ken’s” Okay I’m realizing maybe this is more of a girl thing. Oh well.

I also wanna do what everyone says is their numero uno: Lose Weight. Im for real this time. I’ve entered myself in the Houston Marathon. The 5K portion of the race. I’d be stupid to try and run a marathon now. HA!! You silly.

I hadn’t really thought about other stuff just yet, but I figure I’ll have it together by the end of the week. We still young into the new year right?

SO with that being said, here’s an idea for the winter months: Peppermint Bark.

This was actually a gift i gave to friend and fam. It was surprisingly a hit. More than the Applesauce.

And what’s nice about this: It’s real easy to make. For Real. I aint playing.

All it takes is this:

  • 10 oz Bittersweet (Or Semi-Sweet) Chocolate
  • 10 oz White Chocolate
  • 1/2 tsp of Peppermint Extract.

Side Note:

  • Place said ingredients in a Double Boiler. (Bowl over Pot of Simmer Water)
  • Get a cookie sheet or sheet cake pan and spread all over and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes.


And you get this

I also wanna know from y’all what y’all wanna see Ole-Bill make next? I realized I said y’all a lot but, I’m from Texas. No apologies needed.

But seriously, comment about what y’all wanna see done next. If you new to this shin-dig, comment too. (Also subscribe, i’ll do my darndest to keep y’all entertained).

But for now enjoy my gift to y’all: Peppermint Bark

See it even got a bow and stuff.

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