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River To Well

Last month I entered a photo contest called “River To Well”. Basically, they raise money to build  wells in poor rural villages of South Africa. And they do that through a photo competition(the entry fee for photos go directly to it).The website is:www.rivertowell.com . Any who I entered about 5 photos and although I didn’t win, I managed to make honorable mention (YAAAY!) I really wasnt expecting that especially having 2 of them make it. They’ll be feature in a week long gallery showing.  So here’s the 2 pictures that made it in the River To Well gallery.  It’s called “Parish Lounge” and “Bike Crash Aftermath”. But check out “River To Well”. They good peoples.

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Tour of Lawrence (part 1) the sprints

Over the weekend, the Tour of Lawrence was in town. Never seen a bike race other than the Tour de France. I end up taking a bajillion pics over the course of the weekend. Friday night they had this sprints thing. Pretty interesting stuff.  I got a lot of pics to show.

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