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Egg Nog 101: How to make the (possibly the) greatest drink… like, ever.

Salutations everybody.

Not sure why I used that word, but I felt like it. So this is the week before X-Mas… have anybody done they shopping yet?

NO?!!! Dont worry, I’m THAT guy who literally waits til 7 days or less to actually do stuff.

So what did I make for my fam this year??? That I’ll save for the next post. Hopefully…

Friday, the world may end… allegedly. If it is, Im goin to Sonic first.

Get a Reese’s PB Blast and either it in Solace or Celebration.

But for now, I’m drinkin Eggnog… One of the greatest things ever for the X-Mas holiday.

However, its tough drinkin it outside in 70 degree weather.


But it is indeed enjoyable. But I’ve lately come across folks who have no clue how to make it… or for that matter no clue whats in it.

Well have no fear… I Ole-Bill,( one day you shall learn my real name or check my ABOUT ME sect) shall explain it.

Basically its A lot of Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs and Nutmeg.

Egg Nog!!!

Yeah its got lots of calories, but this is that time of the year where it dont matter.

We can be mad ourselves for that in 2013.

Now theres discussion about the egg yolks whether or not to put raw egg yolks in or cook it…. I usually cook ’em over a DB (Double-Boiler 4 y’all no Foodie type).

Just so folks arent all freaked out and “clutchin the pearls” over the fact they just had a Rocky Balboa moment and drank eggs.

But here’s a basic recipe for this

Egg Nog!!!

Egg Nog

  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 1/2 C Sugar
  • 3/4 C Heavy Cream
  • 3/4 C Milk (Whole, or 2%)
  • 1 tsp grated nutmeg ( you can also add a dash of cinnamon too)


  • You can just add the yolks in straight up. Or put them in a bowl over a pot of simmering water along with the sugar and whisk periodically for about 8-10 minutes. That’ll give it enough heat to where it aint raw anymore.
  • Then place the sugar-egg mixture in a blender w/all the other ingredients and blend.
  • This should yield about a little over a pint.

And there y’all have it peoples. Maybe you’ll enjoy this when the worlds supposed to end on Friday…. allegedly.

I really don’t buy it.

But if we survive to make it to Saturday, I say that “2012” movie is goin straight to the comedy section.

Well, that’s all I got for this week… I hope yall enjoy the holidays.

Christmas, Hannaukah, Kwanzaa, whatever holiday I’m forgetting…

If y’all like what y’all see?

Comment/Subscribe/Like to this bad boy….

I do update this sucker fairly regularly… and will attempt to more next year as well.

Til then Merry ChrismaHannaKwanzakah y’all!!!

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Mint-Aid. aka my new favorite drink after a long day

Oh hey there world. What’s new w/ y’all?

I’ve got a new drink for y’all.

Mint-Aid. Now y’all prob thinking: “Whaaa?”

It’s somethin I came across on Saturday at this restaurant w/my old man.

Now as some of y’all out there maybe aware of this: I’m a bit of a “Lemonade Afficiandao”

If that’s a real term. It is in my head anywayz.

I’m particular about my lemonade. You make a watered down lemonade, I will punch  you in the face.

Consider that a warning.

Not really, but I aint gonna be too pleased about it.

But havin tried it, I was (you guessed it) inspired to make some Mint-Aid.

Basically from what the waiter told me, “Mint-Aid” is a combo of citric juices w/ fresh mint leaves to infuse w/the juices.

Citric Juices= Orange, Lemon, Lime etc.

No, not Peppermint. Actual Mint. Like in that Orbitz gum.

Having bought Mint for the first time, it’s got quite a nice smell to it.

So spending about a day thinkin of how to come w/it. I’ve done it.

That moment when you’ve been successful in replicating something right/or creating a recipe and it works. It’s epic.

Almost like that scientist guy from “Back To The Future” running in and screaming “IVE DONE IT!!!!”.



When I tried it,  I was impressed by how all the juices worked together and not too overbearing.  Wow I sound like a food critic or whatever.

But its good drink to have after a long day. Some folks have a beer, I prefer lemonade.

Esp after this week of crazy stupidity.

Mostly: Going to court for my speeding ticket, paying for Def Driving, then also payin to be put on probation.

Yeah thats right Im on probation. I sound like a celeb gone bad.  But after 90 days, my other “offense” (not signaling changing lanes) will be dismissed.

Also I started training (hopefully yall not all excited BUT) for One-Half of a Half-Marathon.

I’m slowly regretting that decision. Oh well.

So after this week, I need a drink.

So here’s how you make this:


You’ll need this

  • 1 1/2 C Orange Juice (Fresh Squeezed, not store bought, so about 6 oranges)
  • 3 Lemons, squeezed
  • 1 Lime, squeezed
  • 1 Grapefruit, squeezed
  • 2/3 C Simple Syrup (That’s equal parts of sugar and water)
  •  Mint leaves
  • 2 1/2 Cups of Water
  • 1 Cup Club Soda


  • In a saucepan, put equal parts sugar and water (So if you put 1 Cup of Water, Put 1 Cup of Sugar in. OR 5 Cups of Water…you guessed it) and let it boil for 5 minutes til the sugar dissolves.
  • After the syrups cools down, add it in w/ all the squeezed juices in a pitcher, add some water and club soda.
  • Pick some Mint leaves off their stems and add it in, the leaves are gonna add a nice flavor to it. (Again, look at me talkin like a critic.)
  • Let it sit in the pitcher for a few hours. It’s better that way.

AND….that’s it.

Yeup. Indeed.

So give this a try….seriously.

So, y’all like what y’all see( Note my Texan language)?

Subscribe, Like and/or Comment on this bad boy.

I do update this sucker on a regular basis and I do read (and appreciate) the feedback.

So I leave you w/this


Cool overhead shot huh? Idk.

Til next time…I never know a good way to finish theses things, but I SWEAR I’m workin on it.

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The Return of Peach Lemonade..and a Tip!!


I’ve got to admit somethin right now: I’ve lost track of what day of the week it is.

Guess that’s whats the downside to having a holiday in the middle of the week.

So other than being a (somewhat) decent baker/cook. I’d like to think of myself as what the kids may call a “Lemonade Afficianado”.

Not sure if that’s how you spell it, but oh well. Anyways, to me Summer = Lemonade.

I’ve got to have it!!!

After work, some folks like to crack open a beer, I prefer a nice tall glass of lemonade.  Especially if it’s a special kind like this here:

Peach Lemonade.

Guess it’s the fact that I’m southern and (partially. still a Texan.)grew up in Georgia.

The Peach capital of the world. Peaches are one of my absolute favs.

Actually on the 4th, some dude had all these peaches that he was giving away other wise he’d dump ’em in the garbage.

Me, being the somewhat klepto (I say that only with free food. I will load up son!) had to grab as many as I could fit in my backpack w/out crushing ’em.

I even made a giant patch here,see:

I may or may not have a problem.

But I’m not just a Peach Lemonade addict. I love it w/ Watermelon, or soon I’ll attempt it w/some Blackberries.

Instead of just giving y’all a recipe. I was somewhat inspired to give tips on how to make dope lemonade cuz a friend of mine tried and failed miserably. Well idk how bad he failed but.

But I find this could probably help out tremendously to that kid that’s wanting to sell lemonade on the block for 50 cents, in this heatwave.

God speed,son!!!

For Lemonade:

  • Make a simple syrup. That’s equal parts water and sugar. I use 1 Cup Water+1 Cup Sugar. Put those two on a stove and let it boil/simmer for 5 minutes or til on the sugar dissolves in the water.
  • When making lemonade, USE REAL LEMONS!!!! None of this bottle lemon juice garbage. Squeeze out about 1 Cup of Lemon Juice. Plus your hands smell like lemons. Who don’t like that smell?
  • If you gonna add some fruit to this i.e. Strawberry, Watermelon, Blackberry, Peach, whatevs. Put said fruit in a blender and puree and put it thru a strainer to get about 1 Cup of Puree.
  • This may not be for you, but I like to add Seltzer/Soda Water to it, to give it more flavor.
  • If you gonna add it w/the water, I’d go equal parts at first. So 3 Cups of Each til you fill it up. Then stir.
  • For those who are grown, you can add some booze. i.e. Vodka, Rum, etc.
  • Let it sit in the fridge for a good 4 hours before drinking, so everybody can get to know each other.

And those are my tips. Hopefully y’all like it. I figured I’d explain my stuff a tad bit better.

If y’all like what y’all see, subscribe, comment and/or like. I do update this sucker weekly.

Lately, it’s been random days of the week. I like to keep y’all guessing for those whoever reads this thing.

But that’s all I got for now.



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Watermelon Lemonade. In November??? Still good though.

What’s this? Another summertime drink when it’s technically fall??? Why not. I live in Texas. It don’t ever get cold. If you just stumbled upon this site and are thinking “What in the world is this fool talking about? What other summertime drinks have you made during this time of Fall?”  See Peach Lemonade and Watermelon Limeade.

Over the years I’ve become quite a Lemonade Aficionado. I think. I got a taste for Lemonade. It has to be PERFECT. I make a big fuss about whenever I go to a new restaurant, if they don’t have good lemonade, you’re DONE!!! Not really. But that’s just something that’s important.

But this one goes out to my boy Tim. Tim was one of my roomies in college. My senior year part 2. (I did a victory lap. Don’t Judge).  During that year, I had a bunch of ’em. Say 21-ish. Yeup 21 people living together. No we weren’t a frat.  Anyways Timmy’s moving down south to his big kid job.  He stayed at mi casa while lookin 4 his own place. During his stay, I figured I’d be as hospitable as I could. You know I’m from the south. We have this thing called “Southern Hospitality”.

Apparently Timmy liked it soo much he damn near drank the whole pitcher.  So I guess it must’ve been that good then. So here it is homemade Watermelon Lemonade.

If you like what you read/see, feel free to subscribe to my lil food site. I do update it with my wacky cooking adventures. Btw. Do people still say “Lil” anymore? Or was that 2001?



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Spinach in a smoothie. Yeup I’ve gone nuts.


As the statement above reads. I have put spinach in a smoothie and drank it. Surprisingly it wasnt bad. I know summer’s over, so I can’t blame it on a heat wave. Nor on alcohol for that matter. Now you ask Porque Ole Bill? or Pourquoi Ole-Bill? or Are you nuts? Explain yourself.

Well, in the last post I wrote about how last week I ran in a 5k and my time wasn’t a problem. It was my weight. I aint gonna sugar coat it. It’s probably a bad sign if more than 1/4 of you is made up of fat. Some people are kinda sensitive about their weight, I think being a guy, by default you can’t hide that. So I was looking up different cooking ideas to try and slim my chubby figure down some.

Now for the record I’m not ashamed to be chubby. I think I’m around the “damn near obese” status at this point, though I don’t look it.  So I decided to go into “Operation: Lose weight before Thanksgiving” and so far it’s harder than I thought (Now would be a point to say “No DUH! Sherlock)

So back to my smoothie idea: turns out green smoothies are pretty good  4 ya. Good for the digestive system and oxidants (I have no idea what that is exactly, but it sounds important though)

Here’s my recipe; Try if you want/dare

  • 2 Cups Spinach (Yeah I know it’s SPINACH)
  • 1 Pear  Chopped
  • 1 1/2 Cup Orange Juice ( I would suggest not buying the cheap bootleg kind for this type of drink)
  • 1  Banana

Blend smoothly and suck it up and down it. It’s not that bad, If I’m stupid enough to try and liked it. So can you.  Enjoy. And feel free to comment if you’d like.

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Watermelon Limeade, The New Drink for the Fall??

Ignoring the title, obviously it’s Fall. Or “Autumn” if you wanna be fancy about.(You fancy huh?) But as I’ve said in every other post, Fall doesnt exist down here in Texas. It’ll drop from being 100 degrees, but don’t expect 50 degree weather for a LOONG time. So it’s still fair game to have summer-y(that a word?) drinks. Maybe til Christmas.

One day,I was driving by a certain drive-thru restaurant that serves limeades.(It rhymes with Bonic). I used my free Cherry-Limeade coupon to get me’s a free drink. But I notice they had different flavored Limeades, technically they were slushy limeades. But they had Orange and Watermelon and Coconut. (Me,myself not a coconut lover, though ocean water is GOOD.)

So being my usual DIY-king self. I had to at least try the Watermelon idea. I know the Watermelon Lemonade idea exist, that’s next on my hit list. By that I mean agenda. Nah, it’s an actual hit list. Oh btw: I gave this site a new Jenny Jones Makeover!! Yaay!! I figure since I changed the name of it, why not changed the look of it too. No? Tell me whatcha think, and also if you like the drink. Or just write whatever you like, as long as it’s nice. Don’t be mean. Lolz.


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Pineapple Limeade. Does Sonic have this on the menu? They Should

Lately I’ve had an obsession with making food with pineapple. Also peaches, but that was in a post a while back. (See Peach Lemonade). Anywho I find that buying a whole pineapple trumps buying them in cans or cut up already. It’s not hard at all to cut up and dice. Not sure why people are scared to do it.

But this is another crazy idea I had with it being summertime and wanting to make a nice beverage for those days where you indoors when its damn near 100 degrees out and the humidity is at an all time high. Also this is part of my Summertime Project of summer-y desserts and beverages. (For those of you who have no idea and thought this was just random stuff, which it is.)

I’m trying to think of more witty stuff to say, but to be honest, today I’m fresh out. Phoowey. But I figured the pictures would speak for themselves today.

Note: You need about 2/3- or 1 cup of lime juice. Fresh Lime Juice. None of that bottle garbage(it’s not really garbage. I just wanted to sound all authoritative). And use about 2 cups of pineapple puree.  How much sugar and water (and soda water) is up to you.  Enjoy.



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Peach Lemonade. Heaven in a glass.

It’s (officially?) summertime. It only means two things: School’s out and it’s HOT as the dickens outside. (Side note: Anybody say dickens anymore??) Anyways, growing up and living Texas, theses were the fun times where you kept your butt indoors to not catch heat stroke. But maybe this is just one southern here speaking,but living in the south during the summertime: you gotta have Lemonade. GOTS TO!

There is sweet tea, but I’ve never liked tea though. Shocking I know. A southerner not like sweet tea.  But lemonade is one of those drinks that is necessary. Whether you laying out by the pool or indoors w/the AC on blast while the weather is 100+.  But having also growing up in Georgia. You gotta love peaches. I learned the hard way that peaches only are good during the summer. But I decided to make this attempt of Peach Lemonade after I saw it on a menu at a restaurant called “Bubby’s”.  And yes, this another one of my “Summertime Projects” I should consider putting a book together.Cuz I got sooo many things to make.

I have no idea if I replicated their recipe, but I put my twist to it.  But after the first sip, RIDONKULOUS! Even one of my friends “MED SCHOOL” (A nickname because he’s currently in Med School. Clever right?) Agreed. Now I gotta have this in my fridge esp when we’re heading thru the worst part of the summertime. It’s even better after a long day at the office. Well, for me it is anyways. But I’ll stop blabbing and show y’all. Enjoy til next time.



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New Project: Peach Milkshake

So I’ve had this thing with peaches for a while now. Maybe because I’ve lived in Georgia before. I don’t know. But I’ve managed to make some crazy desserts with peaches. From Pound Cakes to Smoothies (which is normal). I got the idea to make a milkshake from Chick-fil-A. They had it there for awhile and I never bothered to try it until recently however, it wasnt there no more. So I figured what would it taste like. So I did. It was pretty good. Here’s the rundown. Enjoy. Oh and again, if you like what you see, feel free to subscribe or comment or whatever. What will I make next with the Peach? No idea.

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My new project: Root Beer Milk

I found out recently that there is such a thing called “Root Beer Milk”. Friend of mine has been looking around for it. I thought, why not try and make it? How hard/bad could it be? Looked it up and it’s pretty simple. I tried it, it’s drinkable. Here’s a play by play in photo form on how I did it. Enjoy

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