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SOOO….How IS Everybody????



Sorry, I’ve been away from y’all for FAR FAR FAR TOO LONG!!!

You probably wondering: WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN???

Basically. Skool + Work+ Graduating= A busy few months.

Yes, I have graduated. It’s official. I AM A CHEF.

A PASTRY CHEF that is….

It’s kinda surreal that it happened. When Graduation Happened. I was like “OH”

Anti-Climatic Right??

Most people made a bigger deal about my graduation than I did.

Besides that. I’ve decided to do something.

Make Sports-themed cakes….Crazy. I know.


Welp, I am A Pastry Chef. And I like Sports…so why not?

YOLO!!! (Do people still say that or am I WAAAY behind on the times???)

Anyway, So the first one I present to you is this: Manchester City.

Now, I am not a big soccer fan. I barely can pronounce Aston Villa properly.

But I lost a bet and had to produce a cake.

And behold:

Manchester City

To all you Manchester City fans…You’re Welcome.

It was pretty simple to pull off. I used to hate working with Fondant. But now….we have a tolerable relationship.

Beyond cordial.

Making my own fondant is SOOO much cheaper. Also I mess with colors too… #loveit.

I know hashtags are still popular…

Welp, that’s all I got for now…I know, I’m such a tease right???

Well here’s one more shot for the road…Manchester City Cake

Feel Free to Comment, I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.

AKA not x-amount of months that I’ve gone w/o a post…LOLZ….

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Texans Training Camp 2011

Dang, nearly a month has gone by since I posted on here. I suck. I apologize to the 3 people who maybe follow this site. Long story short: Procrastination and A wedding cake. The wedding cake, I’ll explain next time. Which I promise will be sooner than 30 days. Anywho, last Friday, I went to the Texans training camp.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m THRILLED to see football is back. Fantasy Football especially (H-town’s Finest will do work this year!)

I was happy to be able to watch the team practice, I wasnt happy about standing in 95 degree weather w/ humidty at 8:30 in the morning. That’s Houston for you. But one that’s nice, all the stadiums have retractable roofs. So we wont roast in September. YA!! I’ll hush now, and I’ll put up the pics. Enjoy.

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It’s Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I always remembered loving Labor Day just because of the fact that I aint have to go to school. 3 day weekends, loved ’em. Well I also remember that it was the beginning of one of my favs: Football. I love football, college or pro, it’s always entertaining to watch during the Fall. So I decided to post some photos of  my time @ the Texans pre-season against the Cowboys. We smoked them bad, but I got some shots of stuff going down during the blowout. During half-time there were theses 2 guitarists playing. Of course I gotta do it all artsy and put ’em in black and white. But enjoy and Happy Labor Day.

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Texans Training Camp

A week ago, I got the chance to go to the Texans Training Camp. Minus the heat and humidity at 8 in the morning, it was a good time. There’s a lot of high hopes for the team this year to make the playoffs for the 1st time ever after going 9-7 for the 1st time ever. They new to the league so that’s why all the 1st time evers. Here’s some decent action shots I got.

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