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Danny & Ashley (part deux)

Last post, I showed y’all my good pals from High School leading up to their wedding. I only got ¬†a few shots during the ceremony: A. Because I was in the wedding. B. Because they don’t like when folks take (flash) pictures while the priest is speaking. But I managed to get some decent shots during the ceremony and some afterwards. Enjoy.

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Ben Rector

Ben Rector came into town at the House Of Blues and I figured I’d go see him live. I’ve become a fan of his through hearing his name constantly from friends as well as my roommate playing his music a whole bunch. When I got there, didn’t recognize who the first act was.As I noticed I was one of the few people in the room over the age of 21. Those kind of moments make me sad about me being an old fart. But photography note: these were shot in Manual. They look dark and with some editing I got ’em to look decent. So if you think they suck, I worked with VERY low lighting. Take that with a grain of salt people. If you have some tips, let me know too. But nevertheless, Enjoy:



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Downtown Wondering pt.2

I went by the ol’ J.O.B. and I put in extra time at the meter so I figured I’d go explore downtown some more. I brought my camera well. I ¬†brought my new lens as well, it’s 70-300mm to test it out. And its a trip to work with. You get some good shots, as longs as you stand about 50 feet back. If I work in sports, it’ll come in quite handy. So here’s part deux of a probable continuing series. Unless I get bored with it. But Enjoy.



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Dave Barnes @ the House of Blues

This past Saturday night, I went and saw one of my favorite singers Dave Barnes @ the House of Blues. I figured I treat myself to a late b-day gift, last saturday I had to work. (Note: Don’t ever do it.) Anyway, I saw in once at a show in Kansas with Matt Wertz, them two together was a good show. Dave’s great live. Sounds like his records. But I forgot how much of a comedian he is as well. He told a couple of random but funny stories. The main one being of his TV debut on a soap opera. In all a good night. Oh and btw photo note, it was hard to shoot. There was very little lighting in the room and on top of that they moved around a lot. So these were the best I got going through my film. But enjoy.

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Downtown Wondering

Yesterday I had to work, and i figured since I was gonna have to be downtown most of the day, why not do some random shooting. Photography that is. I was looking for the House of Blues, but I couldn’t find it. Eh, I figured it must’ve been farther down from where I was walking. But nevertheless, here’s what I found in one-part of downtown. Enjoy. Oh btw, if you like what you see, feel free to comment, subscribe or whatnot. No big commitment or nothing, just like to know what y’all think of this. But Enjoy.

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Texans Training Camp

A week ago, I got the chance to go to the Texans Training Camp. Minus the heat and humidity at 8 in the morning, it was a good time. There’s a lot of high hopes for the team this year to make the playoffs for the 1st time ever after going 9-7 for the 1st time ever. They new to the league so that’s why all the 1st time evers. Here’s some decent action shots I got.

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