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Made Croissants from scratch…The Struggle is REAL!!!!

As this week’s title eludes to… I made croissants from scratch.

It was NOT easy!!! Basically, its a lot of HURRY UP and then wait..


These aint your mom’s Pillsbury Doughboy Croissants!!


They were made w/ love and a hell of a lot of arm strength….

Basically take a “human baby” of dough 7lbs 8 oz and start from there…

fyi, I was a fat baby,well I weight more than that “human baby” of dough….anyway

then beat the crap outta 3lbs of cold butter then roll onto 2 9×13 pan.

Then roll out the the dough then place one of the butter sheets on there and roll it thru “Big Bertha”….

She a beast….I call her Karma…no I really don’t. She’s just a machine

But if you aint nice to her, she aint nice back.

Anyways… if you were to do this task of rolling manually…

Be prepared to spend….meh 3-4 days of rolling and freezing dough.

My chef teacher said she’d charge 3 bucks a pop for fresh handmade croissants…

After making all of them on Friday, I dont blame her…


Next time y’all get a croissant, know the labor that went into them!!!!

Fun Fact: That Friday night, whilst getting gas, a homeless dude said he was hungry.

I thought I’d give him some of my croissants I made. Turns out he was allergic to gluten….

All I could say was “COME ON!!!!”, not out loud of course, it was already awkward as it was…

Previously I tried to give a homeless guy cookies, but he was a diabetic…I got such good luck huh?


Anyways, that’s all I got for this week.

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Next week’s Valentine’s Day is coming soon…and you know what that means?

I got a hot date!…with a tub of ice cream and cookie dough #dontjudgeme

I’m bout that life!! Single life that is…..


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How about some Tiramisu for all those strugglin in the “Snow Storms…

I know, I know, it aint HUMP DAAYYYEE!!

But I at least remember to post right??

So, down here in the south we’ve been struggling w/the “Snow Storms”

Here in Texas, we’ve got Rain + 30 degree weather aka PANIC!!!

I lived in Kansas for 6 years, and I’ve driven in snow and sleet…its the others who have no idea what to do…

Fun Fact: A car behind me on the highway spun out…they were okay though.

Anywho, shout out to anybody in Georgia…that HAD to be tough.

The struggle was real for y’all.

With that said…how bout some Tiramisu:


You’ve prolly heard of it…but WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Tiramisu= Italian phrase for “Pick Me Up”…seriously.

It’s like a dessert version of Lasagna…layers and layers of stuff.

  • You take “Ladyfingers” as they are called. Basically mini sponge-cakes.
  • Then you take Marscapone Cheese (Italy’s Cream Cheese) make a “mousse” like filling
  • Layer it up, ladyfingers first, then filling, then ladyfingers. You then finish off w/filling
  • Then coat w/some chocolate.


I was trying to be “Fancy” w/those lil chocolate designs or whatever…

We did a chocolate “Gelee” on top…what is that? Basically anything w/ Gelatin in it to give it body and not be soupy…

So…that’s all I got for now…kinda had a brain fart and forgot what I was gonna say.

It was prolly gonna be something random. But I’ll get back to y’all on that.

Til then, do Subscribe and/or Like this page…even better: COMMENT!


Anyways, y’all stay warm..HOLY CRAP! February is almost here…dangit man.

The Struggle Is Real!

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Caramel Cake…well MY version of it anyways…



Anyways, the semester has barely begun and I’m already excited to start (can’t y’all tell :p)

I’ve already broke my baking sabbatical to make a Caramel Cake….never actually made one…

til now!!

Caramel Cake


Not really sure , why I sound so hype right now…maybe cuz I’m hungry.

Or as I like to call it “HOOPY” That’s Hungry+ Loopy…

I can also be “Hangry” thats Hungry+Angry…

But I’m more likely “Hoopy” then “Hangry” in most situations.

So this was the first time I made caramel on my own and my chef teacher would prolly be SO proud of me!!!

Caramel is kinda a “scary” thing to attempt, cuz you can burn it and mess up pots and what not.

Caramel = Burnt sugar basically.

Some tips I can give y’all so you wont be “paranoid”

  • To prevent “crystallization” or whatever that word means: I’d put a bowl on top of the pot, that way the steam hits all the sugar, try that once the water starts boiling for about 30 seconds.
  • Once your “mixture” thingy starts to turn amber, thats when I take it off the heat and add the Heavy Cream. Then Vanilla and Salt.
  • Add room temperature Heavy Cream, not cold…that will help it from becoming “possessed” and splatter all over and possibly hit you w/hot caramel. That stuff HURTS!

Let it cool down and then it’ll thicken up to a caramel sauce, then you can do whatever you like…

Put it on Ice Cream, Apples, in Frosting

Caramel Cake

As seen here…

With the semester starting this week, I’ll have a lot more pics to post on here.

So don’t you worry, DONT YOU WORRY CHILLD.

I’m just chalked full of references…aint I ?

Til next week, wow, we almost thru January…where does the time GO???!

Seriously, where does it go when its over???

I should stop before I get all “Philosophical”..try spelling that w/o Microsoft Word


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The Red(Raiders) Wedding…for all y’all GoT nerds…

Oh hey world…

I have an announcement, that’s the realm of that “Game of Thrones” episode….

You know where you SHOULDA read the book but you didnt and are just straight up shocked..

I will no longer post on Thursdays….WHHHHYYYYY!!!!! OOHHHHHHH!H!!!!!!

Instead I will post on Wednesdays for a while aka HUMP DAAAYYYE!!!

To answer that question, I got class on Thursdays in the morning so I wont be done til late so…

It aint like I’m forgetting y’all like that time over the Holidays (SHOTS FIRED!!)

So remember that time I said I did a groomscake for a wedding?

Welp, here’s the pic of the cake (warning, it’s not on a “Smartphone” #dontjudgme)


Texas Tech Cake

Like I said, dont judge the “quality” of the pic, I used my non-smartphone to take it cuz I forgot my normal camera…

So anyways, THAT is for y’all Texas Tech fans out theeyah (there)

The groom was a Tech grad and insisted that he have a Texas Tech Groomscake…

It took a day and a half (the half day was the actually wedding day)

Note: It’s important to eat WHILE you are working…

Working on an empty stomach= LOOPY Behavior…

Needless to say, the groom was happy and all the people there were impressed. I was impressed.

Not sounding arrogant, BUT it’s kinda like taking a step back and saying “Dang, I did that…”

Welp, after I finished the cake, I had A LOT of cake “Scraps” left over and got bored and frosted some leftovers

Chocolate Cake

As seen above…

I had a lot of cake and a lot of frosting so I figured why not FOMO!!

FOMO= Fear Of Missing Out aka 2014’s YOLO.

Afterwards I pretty much gave that all away to friends…apparently food wins people over.

My Piping Skillz is slowly but surely getting better though…#progress

Chocolate Cake!!!

As seen there…

But I am gonna be taking Cake Decorating this semester, so it’ll be (hopefully) 10x WAAY better than what I’ve done so far at this point in my “Career”..

So, what’s the next thing to take down???

Well I’m unofficially/”officially” doing a groomscake involving Kyle Field…

That’s for y’all Texas A&M Aggie lovers out there….

Welp, that’s a mouthful of stuff I just typed…hopefully that entertained y’all

Til Wednesday…

Btw, anybody watching GoT after that “Red Wedding” episode anyways??

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Shortbread Cookies for 2014….FINALLY!!

SO…Hey World….

Long Time, huh…..

It’s been a WHIRLWIND of the last couple weeks…well ya know

Christmas+ New Years Eve+ A Wedding = Not likely to post anything

No, I didn’t get married. BUT I did do a Groomscake for a wedding…

Took me a about 2 days to pull off…I’ll post about that next week. I SWEAR!!!

But I just wanted to catch up on what I did for gifts for X-Mas…Shortbread Cookies

Figured it would work on theses reasons…

1. I had NO IDEA what to get anybody

2. It’s financially easy to pull off.

3. Who DOESNT like cookies? Seriously…you have no soul…kidding/not kidding.

So I made a CRAP TON of Short Bread Cookies:


Shortbread Cookies

and Chocolate.

Shortbread Cookies

I tried to temper chocolate and dip them, however, I was running low on chocolate and just started drizzling the chocolate over them as seen above.

AND I even made them festive for the holiday…btw speaking of which, anybody catch themselves listening to x-mas music now?

I still drink Egg Nog…dont judge.

Well, I know I’m behind on my annual “LETS LOOK BACK ON THE YEAR”

But 2013, was cray cray…doing a groomscake for 2 different weddings, enrolled in culinary school, running a whole bunch…that was just some of the highlights.

What are y’all Resolutions for this year??

2014, I look to finish school, maybe attempt a half-marathon. Oh and get a smartphone.


Well, when it comes to those, I am an 85 year old man..they don’t call me “Ole-Bill” for nothing y’all….

Til next time…

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Cranberry-Apple “Pie”/”Tart” and I used too many quotes..

So, apparently SOMEBODY (i.e. Me) forgot to update this sucker….

#whoops #mybad

I’ve had a busy week and a half…

Projects, Exams, Certification Exams…and all of this in Culinary…#sheesh

So after today, I will have survived my first semester of Culinary Skool (thats how I spell it)…

And what have I learned?? That I’ve eaten more Raspberry Jam in the last few months than I have in  the previous 26+ years in my life…

I’m pretty sure I’ve got Raspberry seeds somewhere in my jaw, and I’m prolly growing a Raspberry tree in my gut.

But no doubt I have enjoyed every day that I’m in the kitchen…even if I may not been “in the mood” (that don’t sound dirty)

7am classes also are tough, both physically and mentally. But it is quite purrty seeing the sunrise though…but it may/may not be a cause in my somewhat insomnia.

But nonetheless, I have learned a lot and I am proud of me for going through it and surviving this 1st semester…

GO ME!!!!!

Anyways, for my assignment in my “Pies, Tarts and Teacakes” class, we had the option of writing a paper (something about pastry chefs and the holidays) or make a pie and take a pic of it….

I wonder what sapp ACTUALLY wrote a paper?

So as you can tell, I chose option #2…And here it is:

Cranberry-Apple Pie/Tart

Cranberry-Apple Pie. See I do my homework!

I ended up using dried Cranberries, if you stumble upon those, let’em sit in some orange juice for about 10 minutes…

I told my chef-teacher, that it was pretty fun having my fam (thats family) watch as I work like a crazy person in my aunt’s kitchen…

Thanksgiving is my Holiday like I’ve said prolly a bajillion times.

After the storm of the dinner, I was in my PJ’s drinking Eggnog.

Y’all can have your “Black Friday” shopping..I prefer NOT to get into an awkward taser battle w/some rando over bath towels, bed sheets or SKYFALL on Blu-Ray…

I enjoy my Eggnog, I would drink it year round, however the Summer Time would be a bit tough on the stomach..

Well that’s all I got for now, I’ve got 1 more final to do and I gotta prep for my friend comin into town this weekend.

Til next time, I’m gonna make Eggnog…I may or may not have a problem…


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After 2 tries, I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON!!!! A Cake Contest

For those reading that title like Whaa?

I entered my single’s annual “Hoedown” Cake Contest…

“Hoedown”= Country Western Dance

And much to my shock, I won… I WON I WON I WON I WON!!!!

BOW DOWN BAKERS!!!  kidding….

So what cake did I make this year that won?

This one…

Chocolate-Strawberry Marble

Chocolate-Strawberry Marble…

I literally was shocked I won, I didnt expect to win the overall Best Tasting Cake.

I was more going for looks, but we all know how far THAT goes…am I right?

I’ve entered the contest twice before, the first time: Snickerdoodle Cake

Second time: The Oreo Cookie cake.

I apparently beat out a 2-time Champ…#HOLYCRAP

And it was allegedly historic in that No Male had ever won the Hoedown Cake Contest…until now! HELLO

So it’s kinda cool that I was the first male to win it…


Chocolate Strawberry Marble

Fun Fact: Strawberries really dont like to stay on top of frosting for too long…

But they do taste good in Frosting though…

Frosting that cake wasnt as “tough” as I thought…

Culinary Skool has toughened me to be heartless…

Not really.

But real talk, it was cool to win, I never really won anything, individually.

I’m usually that guy who gets a ribbon for participating.

And yes, I had a HUGE grin on my face holding the trophy, and couldnt stop laughing…I aint expect that big of a win…

Oh and I got a Chick-Fil-A card…Winning.

That’s all I wanted to share w/y’all right before Thanksgiving.

Hopefully y’all find somethin I’ve made and use it…

I’ll be too busy cooking like a crazy person to entertain y’all, but I leave you with this

Chocolate Strawberry Marble

And also that I have a homework assignment of making a Pie for the Holidays…

Such a tough task I have, OMG I’M SOOO STRESSED!!!!

Pfff..I’ll be sipping Egg Nog and watching that sucker cook.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all….remember the Turkey…



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My New Obsession/Pet Project: Dulce De Leche..what took so long???

Well world, I’ve done it…

I got a new obsession and no it dont involve playing x-mas music now…

You can prolly guess, IM NOT THAT GUY!!


Anyway, we made Dulce De Leche randomly…mostly for truffle purposes only…

The Chocolate kind. For the Texans…who aint doing so hot…

But as a TRUE loyal fan, I cheer for them on Sundays….

So basically they were Chocolate Truffles with “Spiced” Dulce De Leche as the filling…

Dulce De Leche

By “Spiced” we added Chipotle Pepper Powder in it…

Btw that’s my “Pioneer Woman” attempt of taking pics and multi-tasking at the same time…not that easy.

Anyways, it was literally the only thing we did in class, why?

Cuz as delish is Dulce De Leche is, it takes FOOREEEVVVERRR

By that an 1hr and 30 min on the stove to cook.

But I watched it go from milk in a pot to Dulce De Leche…

I bonded with it and named it “DL” even…#isthatweird?

When you spend that much time watch it boil and turn, you cant help but get attached…


After tasting that, wouldnt YOU wanna be attached it to it too??

So for those wanting to know how to do it?

It takes the following:
1. 1 Quart of Milk
2. 1 Cup of Sugar
3. 1/4 tsp Baking Soda
4. Pinch of Salt
5. 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

And a HUGE pot…cuz it will bubble high and you dont wanna RUin nothing…

Take the first 4 ingredients and let it boil until it turns “Honey Brown”…

Then after that, take off the heat, add the vanilla,place pot in some cold water and cover lid w/plastic wrap.

If you wanna be bold, add about 1/4 tsp of Chipotle Chili Pepper

ONLY if you bold….

Maybe y’all do what I plan on doing and putting that sucker on Vanilla Ice Cream…

Maybe even as a spread like Nutella…you never know.

Welp that’s all I got for today.

Hopefully y’all enjoyed that fine recipe.

I’m off to try and enroll in some classes…Lord Willing.

Remember 2 weeks til Turkey Day…get excited!

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I do take request:Here is that Brownie Cheesecake…again.

So somebody asked me a while ago on here (See I do read these things) to post the recipe I used for this Cheesecake

This “Cheesecake” dont click on that, this aint the link…

I had made was for Valentine Day. You know that I “WUV” you day.

Anywhos, it was for a single’s dinner, I had also cooked dinner too.

For about 60 people…was I scared? YEUP.

But was I prepared? Darn tootin I was…

Was I mentally out of it by the end of the night…

In a nutshell…YES.

You spend about several hours cooking a big meal for people…

It’ll wear ya out, but you appreciate it after the fact….

But I had also forgot to mention the recipe, due to being in a frantic state of “OMG I GOTTA COOK ALL THIS FOOD!!!!”

I forgot to tell y’all how to make this:

Brownie Cheesecake

You’ll need the following:
1. 3 8oz Blocks of Cream Cheese at Room Temp
2. 3 Eggs, at Room Temp
3. 1 Cup Sugar
4. 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
5. An Oreo Cookie Crust (aka Crushed Oreos + 6 tbspoons Melted Butter+ pinch of salt+ tablespoon of sugar mixed and placed in a Springform Pan bakded for 10 min @ 350 degrees)
6. Your favorite Brownie Recipe
7. Chocolate Ganache( Some Melted Chocolate w/Some Heavy Cream)

Steps are as followed:
1. Have your cookie crust baked and cooled first.
2. Whilst that is going on, Cream the Cream Cheese and Sugar together
3. Add one egg at a time. Til its combined. Add Vanilla Extract.
4. Chop up Brownies and Combine in w/Cream Cheese mixture.
5. Pour Mixture into Springform Pan crust and place in a water bath and bake for 50-60 min @325 degrees. Waterbath aka a giant skillet that can hold about 1 inch of water.
6. After the cooking time, turn oven off and let it cool in the oven for 45 minutes.
7. Afterwards gently place in fridge and let it cool overnight.
8. Spread Ganache over firm cheesecake et VOILA!

Pretty Straight forward no?

See, I do read y’all request… if there’s anything I’ve made that y’all wanna know how in the heck I did it…just ask.

Now excuse me, I have to try and enroll in classes for next semester…

Apparently they went faster than any singer’s career that tried to diss Beyonce…you dont diss King Bey people!

Anyways, til next time y’all!

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The Art of “Tempering” Chocolate w/ Hazelnut Biscotti…fancy huh?


Hopefully it aint a rainy depressing day as it is where I am…..

Seriously: Lightning+ Heavy Rain= Don’t even bother going anywhere.

Also hopefully y’all put some actual thought into your costumes.

The “slutty” nurse/tree/cow/whatever aint cleaver enough dammit!

And I have seen some pretty lame costumes over the years.

I will say the “Slutty Cow” would be kinda funny.

Anyways I will be in my skool attire as “CHEF BOYD HARDY”..

Say it out loud….

Pretty genius no?

(For those who hadnt gotten it yet: BOYD HARDY= BOYARDEE aka the guy on the Ravioli Cans)

I figured I share how to Temper chocolate on things so they look like this:

Hazelnut Biscotti

It’s actually not too complicated if I do say so myself.

Now in the past,the “Tempering” I have spoken of consisted of pouring hot liquid over eggs while whisking.

“Tempering” with Chocolate consist of heating it up to where its melted yet can harden back up pretty quick.

The technique I will use is the coveted microwave.

Step 1: Place chocolate in microwavable bowl (the fact that its a word is ridonkulous…i love it!)

Step 2: In about 10-15 second intervals microwave chocolate til it starts to melt. Stir chocolate to help it a long. Keep an eye on it, Chocolate will burn. And it STINKS… figurative and literally.

Step 3: When you see it somewhat melted, check its temperature, it has to be UNDER 91 degrees, F. Thats Faren…you know what I mean..

Step 4: If you dont have a thermometer, get some parchment paper and spread a dollop on it and smear it, touch it, if it hardens up after a minute, you’ve done it right! 😀

Step 5: Take whatever item and dunk, and slowly lift up and place on parchment paper. NO SHAKING/DRIZZLING!!! That just makes a mess on your hands…

And you get this:

Hazelnut Biscotti

thats it….

Oh fun fact: That Half Marathon Relay, we took 3rd in our age group!

Quite the surprise…but I figured me and my partner would do work out there…

Somehow I managed to run my leg (of 6.56 miles) in 51:13…

I’ll take it!

Well tomorrow is the start of something I’m excited about…


What you thought I was gonna say the Christmas Countdown?

PFff!! We got Thanksgiving people!! And that’s my holiday…

Well til then, Happy Halloween!

Also make sure to get some Candy on November 1st, its dirt cheap!



CHEF BOYD HARDY (yeah I know what it sounds like)

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