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Christmas Tree, Texas style

I was at retreat over the weekend, i got some pics that i’ll post later/eventually. But one thing that caught my attention was this tree across from our cabin that already had christmas lights around it. I guess the place like some folks put up Christmas decorations the minute Nov. 1st rolls around. But I thought the way the lights were beautiful and had to show y’all. Whoever “y’all” are. But enjoy.

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Ben Rector

Ben Rector came into town at the House Of Blues and I figured I’d go see him live. I’ve become a fan of his through hearing his name constantly from friends as well as my roommate playing his music a whole bunch. When I got there, didn’t recognize who the first act was.As I noticed I was one of the few people in the room over the age of 21. Those kind of moments make me sad about me being an old fart. But photography note: these were shot in Manual. They look dark and with some editing I got ’em to look decent. So if you think they suck, I worked with VERY low lighting. Take that with a grain of salt people. If you have some tips, let me know too. But nevertheless, Enjoy:



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Dave Barnes @ the House of Blues

This past Saturday night, I went and saw one of my favorite singers Dave Barnes @ the House of Blues. I figured I treat myself to a late b-day gift, last saturday I had to work. (Note: Don’t ever do it.) Anyway, I saw in once at a show in Kansas with Matt Wertz, them two together was a good show. Dave’s great live. Sounds like his records. But I forgot how much of a comedian he is as well. He told a couple of random but funny stories. The main one being of his TV debut on a soap opera. In all a good night. Oh and btw photo note, it was hard to shoot. There was very little lighting in the room and on top of that they moved around a lot. So these were the best I got going through my film. But enjoy.

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Tour of Lawrence (part 1) the sprints

Over the weekend, the Tour of Lawrence was in town. Never seen a bike race other than the Tour de France. I end up taking a bajillion pics over the course of the weekend. Friday night they had this sprints thing. Pretty interesting stuff.  I got a lot of pics to show.

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Fiesta!! Fiesta!!

Last weekend there was a Mexican Fiesta where I used to live and naturally I had my camera w/me. Took some shots. No big deal. I enjoyed the dancing and the party atmosphere of it. Good Times people.  Enjoy.

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Chicago at Night

Here’s some shots I took while out running around Chicago at night. Happy May Day everybody!!

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