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To Recap…I’m Turrible With Keeping This Blog Thing Goin….

Well, I’m sure the Title Sums It All Up…

To Recap My Life….

I had a B-day a little over a month ago..September is the best!!

I’m damn near 30…just right on that edge.

What did I do on my birthday???

Worked 10 hours??? YEUP!!!!

So magical in the best sense (hopefully y’all can read sarcasm)

But I did get cake…lot of cake to make up for it. And a baking dish…I could use more….#justsayin

Fun Fact: Apparently I look 22…Oh to be that age again….Here’s to you T-Swift!!!

Say what you want, that girl can write a hit record….

Any who’s this weekend. Survived yet another flood…we’ve kinda had a track record this year.

Although this time, I was supposed to run in a 10k..That didnt happen.

Sure it sucked, but I personally rather not drown…

And watched my beloved Astros (yeah I still root for them, despite our “falling out”) fall to my other favorite team

The ROOOOYAAAALLLLSSS!!! (That song is so catchy…Damn you Lorde)

No I’m Drake here with the bandwagon fan syndrome. Or “BFS” as I call it.

I lived in Kansas for 5-6 years(read my bio. hadn’t updated in ages)

And since it’s the World Series, I made a cake, weirdly enough for the Royals…as seen here


And I did one for the Astros too…but in hindsight, did I know that both teams would play in the ALDS???

It’s like I’m a soothsayer or something….I SEE THINGS!!!!!


Maybe not…

But this was during my summer of “Sports Logo Themed” Cakes….

I think I’ll pick it up again, problem is when you make that much cake. Somebody got to eat it…

And I think I know who…


Speaking of Drake. I think I have found my costume for this year…see “Hotline Bling” for reference…

That’s about all I got for this year…I kid. Maybe next month for Thanksgiving…

Till then…I have decided to travel for my big 30th b-day…

Where should I go???


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Texans Training Camp 2011

Dang, nearly a month has gone by since I posted on here. I suck. I apologize to the 3 people who maybe follow this site. Long story short: Procrastination and A wedding cake. The wedding cake, I’ll explain next time. Which I promise will be sooner than 30 days. Anywho, last Friday, I went to the Texans training camp.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m THRILLED to see football is back. Fantasy Football especially (H-town’s Finest will do work this year!)

I was happy to be able to watch the team practice, I wasnt happy about standing in 95 degree weather w/ humidty at 8:30 in the morning. That’s Houston for you. But one that’s nice, all the stadiums have retractable roofs. So we wont roast in September. YA!! I’ll hush now, and I’ll put up the pics. Enjoy.

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2011 Half-Marathon Championship Candids

Over the weekend, there was the USA Half-Marathon Championships were in town, it featured a lot of elitist runners from across the country. Also it was a preview for what will be the course for the Olympic Trials next January. I managed to get up early to watch it, also as practice because I had to wake up and run the next morning in a 5K. It was pretty interesting race to say. Here’s some random shots I got from that morning.

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River To Well

Last month I entered a photo contest called “River To Well”. Basically, they raise money to build  wells in poor rural villages of South Africa. And they do that through a photo competition(the entry fee for photos go directly to it).The website is:www.rivertowell.com . Any who I entered about 5 photos and although I didn’t win, I managed to make honorable mention (YAAAY!) I really wasnt expecting that especially having 2 of them make it. They’ll be feature in a week long gallery showing.  So here’s the 2 pictures that made it in the River To Well gallery.  It’s called “Parish Lounge” and “Bike Crash Aftermath”. But check out “River To Well”. They good peoples.

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It’s Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I always remembered loving Labor Day just because of the fact that I aint have to go to school. 3 day weekends, loved ’em. Well I also remember that it was the beginning of one of my favs: Football. I love football, college or pro, it’s always entertaining to watch during the Fall. So I decided to post some photos of  my time @ the Texans pre-season against the Cowboys. We smoked them bad, but I got some shots of stuff going down during the blowout. During half-time there were theses 2 guitarists playing. Of course I gotta do it all artsy and put ’em in black and white. But enjoy and Happy Labor Day.

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Texans Training Camp

A week ago, I got the chance to go to the Texans Training Camp. Minus the heat and humidity at 8 in the morning, it was a good time. There’s a lot of high hopes for the team this year to make the playoffs for the 1st time ever after going 9-7 for the 1st time ever. They new to the league so that’s why all the 1st time evers. Here’s some decent action shots I got.

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Tour of Lawrence (part 1) the sprints

Over the weekend, the Tour of Lawrence was in town. Never seen a bike race other than the Tour de France. I end up taking a bajillion pics over the course of the weekend. Friday night they had this sprints thing. Pretty interesting stuff.  I got a lot of pics to show.

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