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S’mores Brownies. Crazy right?

I love the Super Bowl.I’m a big football fan and was happy to see Green Bay win. They do rock green and yellow. But I love the Super Bowl especially because a good excuse to cook for a whole bunch of people. This year, I wanted to do something big, dessert wise. I was thinking s’smores. And i thought: S’mores cupcakes at 1st but I thought that might be a bit much. So S’mores brownies it was!!!  It’s pretty simple basically: Graham Cracker crust, brownie middle, roasted marshmallows up top. Yeup.They were quite a hit Sunday night.

(Side Note: The Recipe)

Graham Cracker Crust= 2 cups of Graham Crackers through the blender + 1/2 cup of butter.

Brownies= 4oz of unsweet chocoloate+ 3/4 cup butter + 3 eggs+ 1 and 3/4 cup sugar+ 1/2 tsp salt + 1 cup flour+ 1 tsp vanilla @ 325 for 30 minutes

Roasted Marshmallows= Marshmallows (duh) at 450 for about 2 minutes

Here’s how they looked.

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Christmas Tree, Texas style

I was at retreat over the weekend, i got some pics that i’ll post later/eventually. But one thing that caught my attention was this tree across from our cabin that already had christmas lights around it. I guess the place like some folks put up Christmas decorations the minute Nov. 1st rolls around. But I thought the way the lights were beautiful and had to show y’all. Whoever “y’all” are. But enjoy.

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Downtown Wondering pt.2

I went by the ol’ J.O.B. and I put in extra time at the meter so I figured I’d go explore downtown some more. I brought my camera well. I  brought my new lens as well, it’s 70-300mm to test it out. And its a trip to work with. You get some good shots, as longs as you stand about 50 feet back. If I work in sports, it’ll come in quite handy. So here’s part deux of a probable continuing series. Unless I get bored with it. But Enjoy.



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Downtown Wondering

Yesterday I had to work, and i figured since I was gonna have to be downtown most of the day, why not do some random shooting. Photography that is. I was looking for the House of Blues, but I couldn’t find it. Eh, I figured it must’ve been farther down from where I was walking. But nevertheless, here’s what I found in one-part of downtown. Enjoy. Oh btw, if you like what you see, feel free to comment, subscribe or whatnot. No big commitment or nothing, just like to know what y’all think of this. But Enjoy.

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It’s Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I always remembered loving Labor Day just because of the fact that I aint have to go to school. 3 day weekends, loved ’em. Well I also remember that it was the beginning of one of my favs: Football. I love football, college or pro, it’s always entertaining to watch during the Fall. So I decided to post some photos of  my time @ the Texans pre-season against the Cowboys. We smoked them bad, but I got some shots of stuff going down during the blowout. During half-time there were theses 2 guitarists playing. Of course I gotta do it all artsy and put ’em in black and white. But enjoy and Happy Labor Day.

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I Miss QT!!

So I’ve been home for about a month now. And one thing I miss is going to QuikTrip. Especially around the summertime when you get drinks for  50 cents. I have said on occasions driving with friends, “You know what would be good now? QuikTrip.” Natuarally I get odd looks.  This maybe a shameless plug for QT, but I hope they build one in H-town soon, otherwise I may just drive 4 hours to Dallas to the nearest one. Yeah.

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Burnt House

A week ago, a house across the street from me caught fire and burned down early in the morning. From what I know the family living there got out alright. Hopefully they get everything fixed. Here’s some shots of the damage done.

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Texans Training Camp

A week ago, I got the chance to go to the Texans Training Camp. Minus the heat and humidity at 8 in the morning, it was a good time. There’s a lot of high hopes for the team this year to make the playoffs for the 1st time ever after going 9-7 for the 1st time ever. They new to the league so that’s why all the 1st time evers. Here’s some decent action shots I got.

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