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This is what happens when you get bored while “working”

Dang, long time no post-ies. Apologies to the (two/maybe three) folks who read this thing. I’ve had quite a busy few weeks w/ work and now I’m on vacay (Hipster for vacation). Anywho I’ve been working on a feature for the local paper for the past month and a half. I finally finished it!! HUZZAH!!! But I’ve been at this coffee shop called “Signs of Life” for the past three/four days now writing that sucker to no end. But I finally got it done, another victory HUZZAH!! Anyways, when I would be bored/stuck trying to think of the words to say( I feel like that’s a song somewhere. Anybody know?) I would bust out the handy-dandy camera and shoot. Lighting=Ridonkulous. So here’s what I did one day. Enjoy.

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A post about train tracks. Yes, train tracks.

What a post that dont involve food??!! Whats Happened???!!! Kidding. This was taken after I finished the huge task of making a birthday cake. (Yeah Im still talking about it.) I was on my way to drop off another cake( Yeup, I gotta bizness going) I drove by and thought to myself “self, I should take pictures of this railroad track.” So I pulled over and took pics of this. And actually, I am working on my own photo project (look at me being all professional. LOL.) and it’s of train tracks. So here’s something that I’m somewhat working on. Next time I’ll show y’all what in the world I was making with that cake. I think. But anyways, Enjoy.

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Christmas Tree, Texas style

I was at retreat over the weekend, i got some pics that i’ll post later/eventually. But one thing that caught my attention was this tree across from our cabin that already had christmas lights around it. I guess the place like some folks put up Christmas decorations the minute Nov. 1st rolls around. But I thought the way the lights were beautiful and had to show y’all. Whoever “y’all” are. But enjoy.

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Burnt House

A week ago, a house across the street from me caught fire and burned down early in the morning. From what I know the family living there got out alright. Hopefully they get everything fixed. Here’s some shots of the damage done.

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The Drive home pt.2 (OK and TX edition)

Here is the second part of my drive back home to Texas. Oklahoma and Texas deserved it’s own post I guess. There’s a lot more pics through OK than TX mostly because Dallas there was traffic, and Im not a fan of Dallas. But mostly because it was redonculously busy the majority of the way through TX. But  Enjoy none-the-less. And yeah I say the word “Redonculous”.

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Tomatoes and Peppers

Where I used to live, theres a garden. Granted now its full of vines and leaves and junk. But underneath it, there grows some Green Tomatoes and Peppers. Fresh from a rain storm, here they are. Enjoy.

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The Cici’s Challenge

The Cici’s Challenge= Stay in Cici’s pizza from the minute they open, to when they close.  Don’t know many that have tried it, until now. Here’s pics to prove it happened.

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Tour of Lawrence (part 1) the sprints

Over the weekend, the Tour of Lawrence was in town. Never seen a bike race other than the Tour de France. I end up taking a bajillion pics over the course of the weekend. Friday night they had this sprints thing. Pretty interesting stuff.  I got a lot of pics to show.

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Fiesta!! Fiesta!!

Last weekend there was a Mexican Fiesta where I used to live and naturally I had my camera w/me. Took some shots. No big deal. I enjoyed the dancing and the party atmosphere of it. Good Times people.  Enjoy.

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Virginia Highlands

For a while I was in Atlanta (again), and I decided to go on an adventure. So I walked through this area called “Virginia Highlands”. It was probably a bad idea considering it was hot and muggy out. But still, I got some photos of this “adventure”.

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