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German(But it aint from Germany) Chocolate Cake

For easter, I went to KC w/my bestie Luke to his aunt’s house for Easter dinner. Though it was at 1pm. Why do they call it dinner then??? Anyways I brought over one of my fav desserts to make: German Chocolate w/ Pecan Coconut filling w/ Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting. A mouthful to say and eat. For some odd reason, I love to make it, yet I dont eat it. Crazy right? I’m not too keen on coconut. Odd. But it was a smash.

Sidenote: You know that German Chocolate isnt from Germany?(WHAA!) It actually was named after a guy named Sam German who discovered a baking chocolate that was sweet. Typically Baking Chocolates are Bitter, Semi or Unsweetened. (I sound smart) And thus the name and about 100 years later a Dallas Newspaper had a recipe for German Chocolate. I feel like I can be Alton Brown cuz I sound like a nerd.

And of course I took pics (DUH!) so here you go y’all. Enjoy, Gaze at it! Look at it as much as you want. That aint sound weird at all.

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Eggnog Cheesecake(Missing the Holidays)

Somebody took a long vacay from posting stuff. I went away and cooked, cooked, and did more cooking. One of the things I did was master cheesecake (i.e. Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake). I took another shot at it and came up w/ Eggnog Cheesecake. To prove it, here’s some pics of the masterpiece. Crazy that 2011 is here. And it’s also crazy that I started this photoblog thingy a year ago. I may tear up a bit. Naw.

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Ben Rector

Ben Rector came into town at the House Of Blues and I figured I’d go see him live. I’ve become a fan of his through hearing his name constantly from friends as well as my roommate playing his music a whole bunch. When I got there, didn’t recognize who the first act was.As I noticed I was one of the few people in the room over the age of 21. Those kind of moments make me sad about me being an old fart. But photography note: these were shot in Manual. They look dark and with some editing I got ’em to look decent. So if you think they suck, I worked with VERY low lighting. Take that with a grain of salt people. If you have some tips, let me know too. But nevertheless, Enjoy:



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Downtown Wondering pt.2

I went by the ol’ J.O.B. and I put in extra time at the meter so I figured I’d go explore downtown some more. I brought my camera well. I  brought my new lens as well, it’s 70-300mm to test it out. And its a trip to work with. You get some good shots, as longs as you stand about 50 feet back. If I work in sports, it’ll come in quite handy. So here’s part deux of a probable continuing series. Unless I get bored with it. But Enjoy.



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River to Well (Gallery)

Last week, I told y’all of how I managed to win Honorable Mention in a photo contest and my pictures would be featured in a gallery. Well to show that I wasn’t joking and I’ve followed the policy of “Pics or it aint happen”. I wasn’t able to be there because it was 700 miles away, but a friend of mine Abby (who’s also a photographer http://www.abbydavisphotography.com/) did attend and got shots for me. Here it is y’all. Enjoy.

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River To Well

Last month I entered a photo contest called “River To Well”. Basically, they raise money to build  wells in poor rural villages of South Africa. And they do that through a photo competition(the entry fee for photos go directly to it).The website is:www.rivertowell.com . Any who I entered about 5 photos and although I didn’t win, I managed to make honorable mention (YAAAY!) I really wasnt expecting that especially having 2 of them make it. They’ll be feature in a week long gallery showing.  So here’s the 2 pictures that made it in the River To Well gallery.  It’s called “Parish Lounge” and “Bike Crash Aftermath”. But check out “River To Well”. They good peoples.

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Downtown Wondering

Yesterday I had to work, and i figured since I was gonna have to be downtown most of the day, why not do some random shooting. Photography that is. I was looking for the House of Blues, but I couldn’t find it. Eh, I figured it must’ve been farther down from where I was walking. But nevertheless, here’s what I found in one-part of downtown. Enjoy. Oh btw, if you like what you see, feel free to comment, subscribe or whatnot. No big commitment or nothing, just like to know what y’all think of this. But Enjoy.

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Burnt House

A week ago, a house across the street from me caught fire and burned down early in the morning. From what I know the family living there got out alright. Hopefully they get everything fixed. Here’s some shots of the damage done.

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The Cici’s Challenge

The Cici’s Challenge= Stay in Cici’s pizza from the minute they open, to when they close.  Don’t know many that have tried it, until now. Here’s pics to prove it happened.

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Fiesta!! Fiesta!!

Last weekend there was a Mexican Fiesta where I used to live and naturally I had my camera w/me. Took some shots. No big deal. I enjoyed the dancing and the party atmosphere of it. Good Times people.  Enjoy.

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